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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Eighteen: File R-05

Updated on February 25, 2013

Raiden and Doktor have secured the brains, but trouble is brewing elsewhere in the world. Raiden needs to get to Pakistan as fast as possible - but some unmanned aerial drones make this difficult indeed. Back on the ground and surrounded by trouble, Raiden has to fight his way out of Denver before the city swallows him whole.

After an extended cut scene you'll wind up on the ground, and a quartet of bulky sword-wielding cyborgs will come at you, two at a time. By now you're more than strong enough to demolish these guys without trouble. If you do get into a fix, try your pole-arm for easier kills. Have a look around here once they're dead for a Data Storage in a trash can.

Turn on your AR and you'll see three Gekkos patrolling the streets ahead and to your left. It's not too difficult to Ninja Kill these brutes from atop the light rail cars littering the area, though at this point they also shouldn’t be that hard to kill head on. Dispatch them one way or another and look around for a Grenade, an EM Grenade, two Repair Nanopastes, a Hold Chip and an Electrolyte Pack.

Go down the alley here and you'll be back where you last chatted with Jetstream Sam. There are three normal soldiers sitting out of your reach here, firing on you while a heavy cyborg marches around and tries to paste you with his hammer. Ninja Run to avoid the wave of shots and wipe out the heavy cyborg as quickly as you can. This will bring the soldiers down for a normal fight. (You can also use sub weapons to kill them, but you might as well save your stores for other, harder battles.) Grab the Homing Missile from the central dais when you're done.

The next street is filled with Tripods. Use your sai to quickly and efficiently first-strike them, or your pole-arm to sweep them out of the way when they jump at you. When you reach the top of the stairs you'll also find two Sliders; the sai is again a great weapon. Alert the enemies at the bottom and two Raptors will show up to support the Tripods. You have a lot of room to manoeuvre, so this battle won't be that hard. Have a look around at the bottom of the steps for a Repair Nanopaste, a Hold Chip and an Electrolyte Pack.

The path broadens ahead, and you'll be overlooking several soldiers and a GRAD. You'll also find a hostage whom you'll have to save by chucking an EM Grenade into the midst of the soldiers. Be careful Ninja Killing the first guy or the enemies will easily spot you and kill the hostage.

Continue down the street. You'll find a Repair Nanopaste on the left side and a 3D Photo Frame on the right before you run into any trouble, namely a Mastiff prowling the streets. You can easily get it from behind if you're patient. Once it's dead, check around for a Repair Nanopaste and an RP Grenade, and kill the two APCs full of soldiers that pull up. You can demolish most of them before they get more than a foot outside their vehicles. Your next destination is through the fence ahead -

- though before you do that, check the door off to the left, leading to the tunnel you came through the first time you visited World Marshal. You can't revisit the trains, but you will find a Hold Chip and VR Mission 018. Be wary - three Mastiffs will appear in this small space when you get the VR Mission. You'll need several Repair Nanopastes, or some excellent parrying and dodging skills, to get through this in one piece. (There are also melons to slice up. Ooookay.

Return to the road and go through the fence. The chapter will end with Raiden getting a rather sweet new ride… which, you know, you might wind up using in File R-06. Maybe.


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