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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Eleven: Rooftops of Denver

Updated on February 28, 2013

Raiden's virtually gone rogue on his mission to free homeless children from the hands of Desperado Enterprises, and his search for their leadership has brought him to the rooftops of Denver. They're heavily guarded by Desperado cyborgs, so our hero had best watch his step…

Hop down to the lower part of the roof with all of the ventilation units. You'll find a Hold Chip in a box and a Drum Can you can use to sneak through the next part, which is home to several guards. Get up on the crane and you can Ninja Kill one of the guards on your way down; check the side of the building for an EM Grenade, check behind a box containing Repair Nanopaste and over two pipes to find VR Mission 010, and go up to the higher level. You can use the Drum to sneak through here or just kill the enemies. (Killing them is pretty easy.) Be careful using Ninja Run up here - it's quite easy to accidentally leap off a ledge to your death.

Have a look around this area for a Grenade and a Repair Nanopaste before going up the next set of stairs. Hop your way to the opposite roof and go up the stairs, also going over the stairs to find Repair Nanopaste on the opposite side. Get up on the roof…

… and you'll be facing a new brand of enemy! These cyborgs carry massive hammers, and though they're incredibly slow they do a lot of damage on impact. Quickly take out the two fliers so you can better concentrate on the new guys. Parrying works well enough here, though outright damaging the cyborgs as you run around them works much better. Do enough damage and you can stun them into a Zandatsu kill. You can also slice off their arms fairly easily, which almost completely negates the threat they present.

Check to the right of the next set of stairs for Repair Nanopaste, and to the right of the next set for a Hold Chip, before going up to the top of the building. There's a beefy cyborg on the roof which you can easily backstab before it sees you. (Be careful to get this guy, as you'll call down a Hammerhead if you're spotted.) Leap to the opposite roof and you'll see a line of guarded ventilation units below. Kill the Slider that flies by you when you land to find a Data Storage, Ninja Kill the first guy patrolling below, grab the Hold Chip near the end of the ventilation units, and make your way to the other end, killing as you go.

(The cyborgs up here also have a hostage under wraps, whom they're bothering on the edge of the roof. The best way to free him up is to Ninja Kill the first guy, wait for the cyborgs to all get into the same area, and hurl an EM Grenade into the fray. This will leave the hostage unharmed and stun the cyborgs long enough for a slaughter.)

Continue past here to find an Electrolyte Pack and a Hold Chip along the roof and slice through the fencing along the wall. Inside is the top of an elevator. Slice through the cables holding it up and, eventually, you'll land in the underground, home to a railroad that will lead you to your next destination. Be prepared for a lot of AR movement down here - it's quite dark without that extra scanning mode.


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