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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Fourteen: File R-04

Updated on February 28, 2013

Though he's taken a lot of bumps and bruises and stabs to the stomach, Raiden has successfully infiltrated World Marshal… via the front door. Will he be able to rescue the brains of all those poor kids nabbed by the vile PMC? Let's find out.

(Note that you now have access to Ripper Mode, which increases Raiden's offensive capabilities for a short time at the expense of his electrolyte stores. Not a terrible trade-off in a pinch, especially against bosses.)

After being mocked by mighty cyborg Sundowner you'll be in the World Marshal lobby. Check the chairs to your right for a Repair Nanopaste and beside the mech at the desk for an Electrolyte Pack. (Incidentally, destroying this mech will summon a squad of soldiers and two Fenrirs. Nothing terribly difficult.) Go up the stairs, grab the massive amount of items out of the glass cases, which includes VR Mission 013, and check the elevators.

World Marshal has disabled the elevators, naturally, and Doktor needs some time to get them working again. Run to the two turrets overlooking the lobby and use them to blow away the soldiers on their way up. The first two guys have shields; target them directly and you can blow away their shields before they're able to reach you. After that is a long litany of Sliders and soldiers, with and without RPGs. Some will occasionally make it up to your perch, so get off the turret and slag them the old-fashioned way. Eventually the elevator will open up.

(If you choose to stay you'll have to fight two Mastiffs. Target the doors and you can almost always kill one of them before they get to your level. This is a good idea - two Mastiffs makes for a tough fight, especially in these close quarters. Once they're trashed you can search the lobby at your leisure, and if you jump onto the column platforms to your left you'll find a Data Storage on the column near the entrance of the building. Use the TVs lining the wall to reach it from the first platform.)

Doktor will give you a new mission when you reach the 20th floor of World Marshal: cut off power to the security gate. Sounds fun. Leave the elevator and follow the hall, turning on AR to look for high sources of heat. At the end of the hall is the security door you need to enter. Check the desk here for a 3D Photo Frame and backtrack a short ways to the second door on your left.

This next area is tricky. You can go bombastic, kill everything and loot when the place is empty, but the fights are tough (a combination of burly cyborgs and Raptors). It's preferable to sneak your way through and kill as many things as you can before you get caught - if you get caught period.

Check the room to your right to find VR Mission 014, a Hold Chip and an RP Grenade (which can be quite helpful here). Head back into the hall, kill the cyborg in the room to the right (be careful, there's another one in an adjacent room who might spot you) and check behind the shelf here for an electrical panel you can take out. Once it's gone, check the large office at the end of the hall. Turn on AR inside and you'll see an electrical panel on the left wall. Bash it, check around the room for a Grenade and a Hold Chip, and run through the door at the opposite end.

Another electrical panel sits behind two shelves in here. Bust it and two Raptors will rush in. Forget subtlety now and take them out. Check the room over for two Repair Nanopastes once they're eliminated and go out the door across from where you came in. Go down the hall and check the hallway to the left to find a Hold Chip by an elevator and VR Mission 015 in the small storage room.

Return to the security gate. A single heavy cyborg with a hammer will be waiting for you. Overwhelm him with attacks after parrying one of his and you'll dice him to pieces, no problem. You can now open the security gate and enter the higher levels of World Marshal.

After getting through the security gate you'll wind up near several more offices, and you'll come under attack by several cyborgs and a slew of Sliders shooting through the windows. You can kill the cyborgs, but you can't hurt the Sliders. Rush through this area and the next few. The only item to collect along the way is a Cardboard Box, a Rocket Launcher at the base of some stairs, and a Repair Nanopaste on the stairs. Ascend.

There are more cyborgs beyond, and more Sliders firing through windows. Ignore them and rush through here to the heap of rubble at the end of the hall. (There's a Rocket Launcher along the way; take it or leave it.) Ignore the Gekko that appears and climb the rubble. A slew of unmanned Sliders will start showing up past here; ignore them and keep running.

At the top is a GRAD. It's coloured like the boss you fought, but it's easier. Take it apart and Boris will suggest using the Sliders circling outside. Approach the holes in the walls and you'll be able to jump up the Sliders. Do that and you'll wind up in a climbing section. Weave back and forth here to avoid the mines on the walls, jumping whenever you're too close to one. Eventually you'll make it to the top -

- and Doktor will tell you something about a Japanese garden in your future? Huh. Interesting…


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