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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Seventeen: Sundowner

Updated on February 23, 2013

Raiden's made it to the top of World Marshal, and Sundowner's waiting for him. Time for the duel that's been a long time coming - though it doesn't look like the big cyborg's about to play fair. He's got some Hammerhead backup, and there's a weird set of robotic limbs strapped to his back. What's he up to?

The battle with Sundowner is equal parts slow and fast. He doesn't have a huge range of attacks at first, and will merely rush at you when you get close enough. Parrying this is easy -

- but striking back is dangerous, as Sundowner's 'limbs' are actually an explosive shield that will damage Raiden if he hits it while it's active. Not good, not good at all. You need to expose Sundowner by either forcing his shield apart or plain out ripping it to pieces.

Most of this fight will consist of goading Sundowner into charging at you with his shield up. As soon as he does this, parry, jam the indicated button to force his shield apart, and go into Blade Mode. Very carefully use your blade to dice up the part of Sundowner's shield that's glowing blue, avoiding everything else. Do this and you'll make his shield a bit smaller. You need to do this three times to slice up his shield and begin the second phase of the battle.

Be careful during this first phase! It comprises most of the fight, and it's tricky if you're impatient. If you so much as tap Sundowner's active shield, you'll do yourself a lot of damage. Only strike when the shield is down or immediately after a successful parry - and even then you can only get in a tiny bit of damage before the shield goes up. If Sundowner is stalking slowly, use a Sub Weapon or your Sai to get rid of the explosives and prompt a different attack. All of his charges are from the front, so they're easy to parry.

The other big threat during this first phase, and most of the second, is the Hammerheads in the background. One at a time they'll track you around the arena, taking potshots at you while you try to take on Sundowner. Use Homing Missiles or Rocket Launchers to take them out as soon as they start pestering you. Their shots don't do much damage, but they get really annoying when you're trying to concentrate on Sundowner. Be particularly careful when you're aiming your rocket of choice - Sundowner often likes to zip in when you're distracted and tear a chunk out of you.

Get rid of Sundowner's shield and he'll pick up in speed. Now it's a straight blade fight, for the most part. Parry or dodge his attacks and slash him as much as you can. You're likely to get interrupted by some soldiers during this part; Zandatsu them to rejuvenate your energy, and be prepared for Sundowner to come at you with a massive support beam with a huge range. Parry to get rid of it and keep attacking.

Do enough damage and you'll enter into an action sequence. Weave through the debris as you ascend back through the building, use Blade Mode to slice through the ceiling at the top, and enjoy finishing off Sundowner in the most definitive manner possible. Battle complete.

Beating Sundowner will end the chapter. It will also unlock the Desperado Version of Raiden's Custom Cyborg Body and Sundowner's Pincer Blades, Bloodlust, which are slow but ridiculously powerful. Perfect for a lot of troublesome VR Missions. Upgrade all your gear and get ready to head to Pakistan.


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