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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough, Part Twenty: File R-07

Updated on February 27, 2013

Raiden has destroyed the four cyborgs of Desperado Industries, and one ridiculous form of transportation later he swiftly moves from the United States to Pakistan. Time to finish this battle once and for all.

Before you go anywhere, turn around and check the cliff faces behind you. You'll be able to climb a few of these rocks. Do so and you'll find your way to a small clearing on the rocks above which is home to VR Mission 019.

Make your way down the bluffs towards the facility in the distance. Look to your right and you'll see an APC drive by; check the road it was on for a Repair Nanopaste. Check the walls to the left of the entrance for a Cardboard Box. The front gate is guarded by a group of guards, though nothing you can't handle. Check around here for a 3D Picture Frame, a Hold Chip and a Rocket Launcher before slicing through the front gates.

Immediately inside the base are two bulky cyborgs, one heavy cyborg and one normal soldier with an RPG. You can Ninja Kill the heavy cyborg easily enough before the other guys notice you. Dispatch the lot, grab the Drum Can sitting by the APC, climb the crates on the left side to get to a Data Storage atop the metal roofing, and do the same on the right side to get a Hold Chip. Be careful not to trip the laser alarm on the camera.

Enter the hangar one way or the other (there's a Jam Grenade near the larger entrance and you'll be faced with two bulky cyborgs, one heavy and one normal. Wipe them out, then check the other side of the hangar. There will be two more heavy cyborgs wandering around, not alerted to your presence. It's fairly easy to Ninja Kill both. Check the bottom of the first section of the hangar for VR Mission 020, the top walkway for a Rocket Launcher, and the crates in the second half for a Repair Nanopaste and an Endurance +1. Look on the third VTOL's rotors for a Data Storage before leaving.

Grab the Repair Nanopaste to the right of the gates and have a look ahead. There are two bulky cyborgs and one heavy cyborg. You'll likely be able to Ninja Kill one of them, but not all of them. Take your pick and eliminate the other two with conventional moves. Watch out for the gun camera behind you while you fight.

Keep walking to the next waypoint. You'll find Wolf, trashed - and at long last, the mastermind behind the whole thing, Senator Armstrong, will reveal himself. The full extent of his plans will be laid bare, and he'll prep himself to crush Raiden with his massive superweapon: Metal Gear EXCELSUS. And here you thought Metal Gear RAY was an imposing piece of hardware.

(Note: You're about to engage in two back-to-back boss battles, one of which offers no health items. You might want to consider turning back or checking other levels for Repair Nanopastes before proceeding.)


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