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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission 005

Updated on February 20, 2013

VR Mission 005 is found during File R-02. Proceed through the stage until you come to an area with two Mastiffs, the hulking, burly UGs that look a bit like gorillas. Kill or evade them while searching the walls in the bottom part of this section of the sewers. Along the right wall you'll find a passageway, in which you'll discover the laptop containing VR Mission 005.

This next VR Mission requires the use of a single Sub Weapon over and over: Grenades. Lots and lots and lots of Grenades. You're using these explosives to try and wipe out Dwarf Gekko that patrol the platform adjacent to yours, and given the patterns they run in the concept sounds a lot easier than the actual execution.

There are three waves to this VR Mission. The first is challenging, the second is pretty easy, the third the same, the fourth easy if you're patient. Grab and equip your Grenades and get started.

In the first wave you're facing three groups of Gekkos running in circles.

The first runs around a central Gekko that's clapping its hands. Aim right for the Gekko and you'll wipe out the rest of them. This is the easiest target in this section by far.

The second and third run around raised blocks on both sides of the field. To maximize your kills you want to get the grenade as close to the block as possible. Move to the opposite end of your platform before aiming and throwing. Most of the time the grenade will be ready to explode just as it hits the block, and you'll wipe out at least three of the Gekkos. If one remains, wait until it passes the spot you're aiming at before you throw again. The grenade will explode as the Gekko's coming back around.

The second wave consists of Gekkos circling two raised blocks in the middle of the field, one Gekko atop each block. Again, you'll want to aim directly for the Gekko on top to get them all. If that fails, get to the opposite side of the platform and throw the grenade so it strikes the block and explodes.

The fourth wave consists of a line of Gekkos that runs around and between the blocks. You have one good chance of getting this line, and it's not when they first start running. Wait until they reach the middle of the platform. They'll all stop in a big group and wave for a few seconds. Aim a grenade to hit the platform just as they're arriving, and hurl another as they start waving. The two grenades should be enough to take them all out.

The key to getting gold ranking, aside from a lot of practice, is timing. Each grenade takes roughly four seconds from throw to explosion. The less time it spends on the ground, the less chance there is for it to bounce out of range. Master proper timing and finishing in 1:30 is possible… though still difficult.


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