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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission 007

Updated on February 21, 2013

The seventh VR Mission is found in File R-02. You'll come across it shortly after fighting GRAD, in the room just before the segment that ends the chapter. It's sitting in the open, so you'll have no trouble spotting it so long as you don't rush through the area.

VR Mission 07 poses a simple enough task: destroy all enemies using whatever means possible. Doing that is, of course, much easier said than accomplished.

The first wave of enemies consists of five soldiers with RPGs, two of which have them initially equipped. The key for this one is never to stay in one place. Ninja Run virtually the entire time, running off to one side or the other as soon as the battle starts to avoid incoming rockets. Get in close to their ranks before they can split apart and use Zandatsu to rip one, two, possibly three of them apart, then finish off the remainders. It's possible to lure these idiots into shooting one another, but Zandatsu is a much faster and more effective way of killing them.

The second wave consists of four sword-carrying soldiers and a single, fire-breathing Vodomjerka. The soldiers aren't too bad on their own, but the Vodomjerka can quickly become a massive pain with its high speed and intrusive attacks.

Again, stay mobile in this fight. The Vodomjerka will follow you around incessantly, but if you keep running you can generally outpace it while slicing the soldiers to ribbons. Make sure you use Zandatsu on all of your kills: not only does this replenish your electrolytes and overall health, the animation will render Raiden invincible for several seconds. This is incredibly important for avoiding the Vodomjerka's fiery attack.

The quickest way to end this fight is to position yourself across from where the enemy soldiers are going to appear (the lines on the ground should be running vertical to Raiden, not horizontal). This will push the Vodomjerka to rush Raiden, which you can parry, stunning the thing and opening up a quick Zandatsu kill. Thereafter take on the soldiers. Be careful of these guys - if the four of them back you into a corner, they will make it impossible to attack.

The third wave consists of three of the heavy, sword-wielding cyborgs. This is by far the hardest of the waves - they're difficult to parry, they take a lot of hits to stun, and their attacks hurt. Your best bet is to lure them into combos you can dodge and separate them one-by-one. Then start slashing until you can stun and perform a Zandatsu kill. Parrying can work against all three at once, but it's very risky and will get you killed if you screw it up. If you're just looking to do damage, try long-range attacks with your pole-arm - short range strokes will draw you in too close, and probably end in a lot of pain.

The final wave consists of two Gekkos and a squad of Dwarf Gekkos. This wave is much easier than the previous; use your pole-arm to quickly wipe out the Dwarf Gekkos, then wait for the two larger Gekkos to charge. A quick Zandatsu kill is inevitable so long as you parry in time. Make sure you get the Dwarf Gekkos first - it's quite difficult to parry properly if they jump onto Raiden and clamp on.

Completing this mission for gold is tough, as the last wave can take a while. Your best bet is to whip through the first two waves with Zandatsu kills as quickly as possible. With strong, precise attacks you can mow through these waves in about a minute and a half, leaving plenty of time to deal with the heavy-duty cyborgs and the Gekkos thereafter.


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