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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission 008

Updated on February 21, 2013

VR Mission 008 is fairly easy to find. It's located near the beginning of File R-03, just after the battle with the two GRAD knockoffs. After destroying the robots, as well as any other soldiers who show up after they're trashed, check the left side of the street. Behind a giant mobile barrier is the VR Mission 008 computer.

Mission 008 consists of a large maze filled with soldiers. Your goal in this maze is to pick off every soldier with Ninja Kill without once being spotted in the process. Get caught and you have to start over. You've done it before, you'll do it again. Not too hard - so long as you know which route to take, and you never let up on Ninja Run (assuming, of course, you want to earn gold ranking and maximize your BP). Check out the steps below to see how it's done.

  • Your first impulse will be to attack the soldier immediately ahead of you. This is a mistake - there is another soldier watching him who will catch you the moment you step up behind his pal. Go right instead, and kill the soldier you find wandering around at the end.
  • Straight ahead is the second target. This guy will be watching in your direction, and though he won't see the murder of his comrade he will spot you if you approach him without waiting a few seconds. Watch for him to turn before dashing in and slaughtering him.
  • Your third target is ahead of the second. Sprint around the corner to the left and you'll be at his back for a quick kill.
  • The fourth soldier is ahead, patrolling the block in the top-left corner of the circuit, and if you’ve been running through here at top speed he'll be on the right side of the block with his back to you. Catch him quickly.

  • Speed around the block to the left and go down the next corridor to find the fifth soldier. He'll be standing on the edge of an intersection to your left, and if you don't hug the wall a bit he'll see your approach. Tuck in behind him and catch him off guard.
  • The final soldier is the one you saw first, though if you try to run straight to him he'll see you. Instead, dash left of the fifth's soldier's kill-point and circle the blocks clockwise. You'll come out by the first hall you saw in this VR Mission, and you'll be at the last soldier's back. Rush up and finish him off.

Do this flawlessly and you will be guaranteed to get a silver ranking. What about gold? Simple: you just need to speed through those stupid Ninja Kill sequences. Each time you use Ninja Kill on somebody, tap the button that pulls you into Blade Mode. This will pull you out of the animation and into Blade Mode for a brief second before freeing you up again. Use this and you will significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to get through all the kills and finish the mission with a gold ranking.


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