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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission 010

Updated on February 22, 2013

VR Mission 010 is located in File R-03, during the rooftop section of the chapter. After eliminating the first set of enemies on the roof of the second building, hunt around the upper level. You'll find a box between two structures that's sitting flush with some piping. Jump over the piping to find the mission on the other side.

Mission 010 is another elimination mission, though this time you have to kill every enemy with Zandatsu strikes, and Zandatsu strikes alone. Anything else will cause a mission failure. Always fun, these, and they keep getting harder, because this time you're operating in a maze-like structure. If you fall, you're going to have a tough time getting a ranking.

The primary rule when dealing with any of these enemies is to pull off each Zandatsu kill with only one strike. Every enemy is a soldier, and every enemy can be killed right off the bat using Zandatsu. Ninja Run up to the enemy, immediately go into Blade Mode with your camera straight, and perform a horizontal slice. You'll have your Zandatsu kill lickety split and will be able to move on to the next soldier in the line up.

The first wave consists of two soldiers on the central platform with normal guns. Ninja Run across to their platform to the start and deal with them each, starting with the right. Very simple, very effective. Once you're done, start rushing to the long platform to your left.

The second wave is similar to the first, though the soldiers are more spread out and on their own platforms. If you were already rushing you'll be beside the next soldier as he's appearing. Slice him up and hop from platform to platform, killing the other two as you head towards the right side of the arena. Be prepared for fun as soon as you kill the third among them.

The third wave is where it gets a bit tricky. Four more soldiers will appear, three of which have RPGs. RPGs are not your friends in this level - a single hit will likely blow you off the platforms and send you into the pits below. You can potentially suffer one of these hits and still get a gold ranking, but not two. (If you do get blown off, run back to the opposite end of the passages to get out. There are no easily-accessible spots beneath the soldiers.)

Start with the soldier to your left, who has a plain old machine gun. Put him down, then jump to the next platform and start weaving back and forth to avoid incoming rockets. You'll reach the next soldier ahead just as he's getting ready to fire again. Repeat this for the next two soldiers, weaving, jumping and slicing into them while they're reloading. Don't run at these guys in straight lines, and avoid getting any caught in a crossfire. They'll get launched into the pits along with you if they're hit by rockets, which happens annoyingly often.

One final tip: Only perform a Zandatsu kill when Raiden has his feet firmly on the ground. Aerial Zandatsu kills look awesome, but Raiden will use the opportunity to flip backwards, often sending you into a pit. Weaving your way back out is often as good as outright failing the mission. If this happens you'll probably have to start over.


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