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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission 011

Updated on February 22, 2013

VR Mission 011 is located in File R-03. Once you get off of the rooftops you'll wind up in an underground railroad section that's pitch black. Proceed through here until you have to climb over a train on the right side of the tracks. Check to your immediate left when you get to the other side of the tracks - Mission 011 is sitting against some rubble nearby.

Mission 011 is another waypoint dash. You need to get to your destination without being detected by the enemies in the course. Problem is, you're not just facing enemy soldiers anymore - you're up against a slew of IR cameras. You can destroy these, though not without being instantly detected - and that would be taking the slow route anyway. To earn a gold ranking you need to get through here in 25 seconds or less. Hoo boy.

You'll start at the end of an alley. Dash up to the second corner on your right and wait a few feet back. Turn on your AR and you'll see a soldier walking up towards the left. As soon as he's in visual range, go into Ninja Run and jump over his head. Slide through the narrow gap to your left.

Once you're back on your feet, dash towards the boxes to your right and up to the top of the heap. There's another gap in the wall up here which you can slide through. Once you're on the other side, jump - not fall, jump - towards the left side of the gap ahead. If you fall too far short here, or go too far ahead, you'll get spotted by one of the two soldiers that's patrolling nearby.

With luck you'll land directly on an RP Grenade. Without luck, you'll have to walk about a foot to grab it. Quickly equip it as your Sub Weapon and chuck it the second you're out of the menu screen. There's a soldier on the other side of the wall ahead, and if you throw the RP Grenade he won't see you. Dash by.

Past here is the moment of truth. To the left there's another long line of IR cameras protecting the waypoint you're trying to reach, three cameras on either side of the gap. With the effects of the RP Grenade still lingering, you have to slide through the lasers (which can't see you, thank god) and hit the waypoint on the other side. You will have just enough time to get clear, assuming you've been running full-throttle, before the smoke dissipates and the cameras are focused on you. There's not enough time to get another grenade, so make the first one count.

Once you get the motion of this section down, the trickiest part of surviving is the jump onto the grenade. If you fall just a bit too short, or if you're not close enough to the wall to your left, the soldier will spot you. Even if he doesn't, you must immediately equip the grenade - and the game is a bit finicky about responding promptly when you try to pull up the Sub Weapon menu. Time stops while you're in there, fortunately, so take a moment to breathe and prepare for the final sprint with your finger already poised to bring up the grenade.

Completing this mission will not only earn you a bunch of BP, you'll unlock Custom Cyborg Body (Blue) under the Customize menu. Though a bit lacking in offensive power, this new body will boost Raiden's defensive capabilities. Not too shabby.


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