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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission 012

Updated on February 22, 2013

VR Mission 012 is the last Mission found in File R-03. You'll find it near the end of the chapter, just as you're coming out of the darkened railway tunnels. Hunt around the second lit room before you go back outside to find it; it's sitting in the open on the floor. Easy enough find.

Not quite so easy, however, is the challenge it poses. Mission 012 is another Sub Weapon challenge, forcing you to defeat three waves of enemies with a single Sub Weapon. Fortunately, you're not dealing with something quite so fiddly as Grenades this time. You get Homing Missiles.

The arena is a 360 affair, though for the first two waves this doesn't matter. As soon as the mission starts, plant Raiden on one of the Homing Missiles and equip the weapon. Don't bother grabbing any of the other Missiles, and if you can manage it, don't move from this spot for the rest of the mission. Homing Missiles will keep appear here throughout, supplying you with unlimited ammo. (You may occasionally have to move yourself back onto the mark, however. Be conscious of this.)

The first wave consists of two soldiers, two flying Sliders, and a Gekko. Start off by targeting the Gekko and launching missiles at it. It's the most mobile of the lot, and the explosions it generates will often be enough to kill the other enemies as well. If not, mop up the soldiers and the Sliders once the Gekko is dead. You preferably want to keep the thing right in the middle of the arena - tracking it if it gets away quickly becomes a pain.

The second wave consists of two Sliders. This sounds like a piece of cake, but it's made complicated by their propensity to not die in one hit. Instead, the Slider will go down - and the soldier manning it will get up and remain a viable target. Launch two Missiles, if possible, to off these guys in a hurry. Not difficult nor terribly time consuming.

The last wave is the one likely to prove most troublesome. Get your aiming reticule right back in the middle, as four Gekkos are about to appear and start hopping around the entire arena, leaping from side to side and generally dodging your missiles. These things can take as many as seven missiles to bring down, eating up a lot of time. Here are some tips for killing the things in two minutes and thirty seconds for a gold ranking:

  • Focus on one Gekko at a time. Don't swap targets mid-battle. Hitting a Gekko will stop it in place and guarantee further missile hits, whereas mobile Gekkos can sometimes get away from the missiles.
  • Aim for the Gekkos when they reach the center. These Gekkos are more likely to bunch up. If you're lucky you may be able to catch two Gekkos with one set of missiles. The Gekkos tend to move to similar places, so you may be able to catch them in other spots around the arena, as well - the middle just seems to be the most likely place for it to happen.
  • Don't launch a missile at a Gekko if it's been sitting on a platform for a few seconds. They jump often, and a jump is usually enough to escape an incoming missile. Wait until the Gekko lands to fire.
  • Look for telltale signs of death. Once the Gekko has an orange sign beside it, launch another missile to finish it off and look for another target. Don't waste missiles on Gekkos already in their death throes - their death animations can be deceiving.

With a bit of luck and a constant stream of missiles, this VR Mission isn't too hard. Just be sure not to constantly hold down the firing button; between shots Raiden might try to break off in a Ninja Run, which is absolutely useless in this mission.


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