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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission 014

Updated on February 25, 2013

VR Mission 014 is located in File R-04, on the 20th level of World Marshal HQ. You'll find it when you're searching for electrical panels that keep a security door unlocked. It's found not far from where you start; slice through the first door to your left as you go down the first hall, and check the room to your almost immediate right.

Mission 014 is another stealth Ninja Kill mission. You need to kill a slew of enemies, undetected, in a short period of time - one minute and ten seconds, to be precise, if you want a gold ranking. Follow these steps to get the job done in as quick a time as possible. The rub? You're not just facing guards anymore. What fun!

  • Your first kill is straight ahead. Run off of the starting platform and follow the walkways straight ahead. A Gekko will leap by you; ignore it and check the left side of the walkways. You'll get a prompt to Ninja Kill. Do it to get a Vodomjerka.
  • Turn to your right and Ninja Run towards the stairs secreted under the platforms. They'll bring you up a short distance from a guard. Tuck in behind him and slice him up. Hug the wall as you're coming up the stairs or he'll likely spot you.
  • Swivel your camera to the right and run down onto the platforms, towards a wandering Gekko. It will jump ahead, leaving its back exposed. Dash up as soon as it lands and catch it for a quick kill. Don't be too quick to run towards the Gekko - it stands a good chance of spotting before jumping at this angle.
  • As soon as the Gekko goes down, pan to your left. You'll see a guard wandering down a set of stairs. Run up and take him out before he has a chance to look around and see the fallen Gekko.

  • Turn around and look behind you. One of the Gekkos will be landing near the wall ahead, not far from where you killed your first guard in the area. It will hop once, but otherwise remain safely in your range. Dash up and eliminate it. It will turn here, so be careful not to get spotted.
  • One thing left. Quickly flick on AR and scan under the platforms. The second Vodomjerka in the level will be flitting about nearby, and if you're fast you can run over and take it down through one of the holes in the floor. Keep tapping the button to ensure that Raiden leaps the second the thing is vulnerable.

This level can be tricky, but it's made much easier if you remember to use the fast Ninja Kill trick that's been handy in previous VR Missions. As soon as you pull off the kill, enter Blade Mode for a brief second to cancel out the extended Ninja Kill animation. This will save you a lot of time and bring you that much closer to a gold ranking.


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