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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance walkthrough: VR Mission Locations

Updated on February 27, 2013

Periodically in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance you'll come across active laptops that will bestow VR Missions upon you. Throwbacks to previous games, the VR Missions are optional challenges that allow you to take on opponents in a virtual space, racing against a time limit to complete an objective. Some of these laptops are easy to find; many are not.

Below is a complete listing of where to find all 20 VR Missions in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Try to get them all on your first trip through the game to save backtracking in the future - the extra BP earned by completing them can really help with the final few bosses.

VR Mission 001

Your first VR find is sitting in the building just before you encounter Blade Wolf in File R-01. Grab it before you go up the stairs and spark the cut scene.

VR Mission 002

The second Mission is also located in File R-01. After you defeat Blade Wolf you'll have to escape, and fight, a Hammerhead. Once you're back on the streets of the city, before entering Desperado's compound via the huge door, check the left side for ledges you can climb. Follow them back to the first building on your left. The VR Mission is on the roof.

VR Mission 003

The third Mission is again in File R-01. After infiltrating the Desperado compound you'll be in a largely-ruined building. Look around the bottom floor and you'll find the laptop in a back room.

VR Mission 004

This fourth laptop is deceptively easy to miss. At the end of File R-01 you'll come to a refinery stack, atop which you'll fight Mistral. Before ascending the stairs, go down the set that's partially hidden right beside the first. The VR Mission is at the bottom.

VR Mission 005

Number five is in File R-02. It's located in a portion of the sewer patrolled by two Mastiffs (you'll come upon it shortly after killing your first Mastiff). Check the right side of the sewers for an offshoot room containing the Mission.

VR Mission 006

The sixth Mission is also in File R-02. Not long after you meet potty mouth George you'll find a small room containing a Cardboard Box. The Mission is sitting out in the open here.

VR Mission 007

The last of the File R-02 Missions is found right at the end. Look for it in the room just before the ending cut scene goes off, not long after you first encounter the brains.

VR Mission 008

File R-03's first VR Mission is on the first street you have to cross. Defeat the two GRADs near your destination building, then check down the left path. the Mission is hidden behind a large mobile barrier.

VR Mission 009

The ninth VR Mission is another File R-03 exclusive, found mere moments after you discover 008. After beating the GRADs you'll open up a small lobby in a nearby building. The Mission is in here, behind some glass.

VR Mission 010

Number ten is up on File R-03's rooftops. After the first big jump from one building to another (you need to cross a crane to get there) you'll find an Item Box between two structures. Hop onto the Box and over the pipes behind it to find the Mission.

VR Mission 011

After File R-03's rooftop section you'll wind up in a darkened railway line. Wander through here until you come to a train blocking the right side of the tracks. Hop over the train and drop down on the left side of the tracks beyond the rubble. The laptop is near this rubble.

VR Mission 012

You'll go through a few small rooms after escaping the deep darkness of File R-03's railway. The Mission is in the second of these rooms, sitting out in the open.

VR Mission 013

Lucky thirteen is located right at the beginning of File R-04, in the lobby of World Marhsal HQ. Head towards the elevators, but check the glass cabinets lining the walls just before you enter the narrowed hallway. The Mission is in the far left of these cabinets.

VR Mission 014

The fourteenth VR Mission is on the 20th floor of World Marshal HQ in File R-04, in the area with the large, locked security door. Check the first hallway to your left while heading down the corridor leading to the security door (preferably before alerting any guards). The Mission is in the first room to your right.

VR Mission 015

Clear out the 20th floor after opening the security door. Before you leave the floor, check the hallway opposite the security door for a storage room. The Mission is in here.

VR Mission 016

The second-to-last File R-04 Mission is located near the server room at the top of World Marhsal HQ. After you get off the lift where you had to fight waves of enemies, look in the room next to it to find a slit in the far wall. Slide through it to find VR Mission 016, masked by several crates.

VR Mission 017

The seventeenth VR Mission, and the last in File R-04, is found in the first room beyond the massive server room. Check the back of this small concrete space before jumping up to the second level to find the laptop.

VR Mission 018

The sole VR Mission in File R-05 is right near the end. Remember where you found VR Mission 012? It's in almost the exact same place, in the exit to the darkened railway lines. Be careful getting this one - touching it will trigger a battle with three Mastiffs in an extremely confined space. Ouch.

VR Mission 019

Number nineteen is located right at the beginning of File R-07. When you gain control of Raiden, pan behind you and check the cliffs. You can hop up the rocks here. The laptop is sitting in a niche at the top.

VR Mission 020

The final Mission is located in the VTOL hangar you have to cross when you enter the base. After killing off the guards, check under the platforms in the first section of the base for the Mission.


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