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Metal Gear Solid: Which Character Are You?

Updated on May 9, 2015
Snake faces the infamous Metal Gear
Snake faces the infamous Metal Gear | Source

Metal Gear History

The Metal Gear video games span many systems, titles, and characters. The famous stealth-action gameplay has us infiltrate facilities, thwart terrorists, and fight giant Metal Gear robots. Throughout the adventures, we're introduced to a variety of complex characters. Today, we can determine which one best matches us with a quick quiz! Will you get the infamous Solid Snake, one of his loyal allies, or a diabolic enemy? Let's find out!

A few spoilers for this much-beloved series ahead.

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Solid Snake
Solid Snake | Source

Solid Snake

You are the legendary Solid Snake (real name: David), a clone of the war hero Big Boss. You possess an IQ of 180, are fluent in 6 languages, and renowned for your infiltration skills. Your calm and collected nature, as well as fighting abilities and marksmanship, have earned the respect of many. You sometimes come off as uncaring, but you are a very passionate person who simply buries his emotions. You don't believe in fate, maintaining that humans influence their destinies. In combat, you wield a variety of firearms, but prefer the semi-automatic SOCOM handgun.

Quotable: "Easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield."

Ocelot | Source

Revolver Ocelot

You are the crafty Revolver Ocelot (real name: Adamska). You crave anarchy, believing the chaos will allow people to experience the fullness of life. Your true loyalties are always in question; you often work as a double and even triple agent. You are an excellent marksman, favoring the Colt Single Action Army Revolver. Your skill with the gun earned you your nickname. You are brutal, and will use any method to achieve your goals. Still, you aren't without compassion, and have been shown to care for others. Above all, you seek adventure and battle, no matter what it takes to find it.

Quotable: "We need tension.. conflict. The world today has become too soft."

Otacon | Source


You are the intelligent Otacon (real name: Hal Emmerich). You are a gifted programmer and engineer. You don't fight directly, but stay at a safe distance and provide support for your team. After experiencing the threat that the monstrous Metal Gears pose, you form an anti-Metal Gear group, and will do anything to end their production. You add the insight of a civilian to military operations, and your inventions prove vital to the success of your organization. You've even developed cloaking technology that changes a suit to match the colors of any environment. You are courageous, brave, and dedicated to bettering the world.

Quotable: "Let the world be."

Raiden | Source


You are the dutiful Raiden (real name Jack). Having experienced war even as a child, you grew up empty and longing. Seeking to make a difference in the world, you honed your abilities as a soldier - but tragic events sundered most of your body. Experimental surgery yielded a new cybernetic body. Now that you wield a blade, many fear the newest "cyborg ninja." You are cold and determined, loyally aiding Solid Snake in his fight against terrorists. You have been betrayed by many; thus, you keep your emotions to yourself. Still, you are a stalwart ally, more than willing to sacrifice yourself for others. In combat, you are skilled with a most firearms, but rely on a "high-frequency" sword, a blade that conducts a current to weaken the defenses of anything it slices.

Quotable: "I am lightning, the rain transformed.."

Big Boss
Big Boss | Source

Big Boss

You are the conflicted Big Boss (real name John). You once operated under the codename Naked Snake. You used to believe in the ability of governments to guide humanity, but after watching many soldiers be sacrificed, you resolved to form a new and superior society. Your methods and motivations are morally dubious, but your goal is noble. Whether you're good or evil depends entirely on perspective. Regardless, you hope your efforts will create a peaceful society free of corruption. In battle, you are a master of CQC (close quarters combat), mixing physical techniques with gunfire.

Quotable: "It's not about changing the world.. It's about respecting the will of others, and believing in your own."

The Boss
The Boss | Source

The Boss

You are the original legendary hero "The Boss" (real name unknown). A strong and charismatic woman, you tackle any challenge presented to you. You train the man code-named "Naked Snake" as an apprentice, passing on your wisdom. You are adaptable, powerful, and optimistic, hoping that one day the world's population will learn to respect one another. You will sacrifice anything you can give to accomplish that goal, and many admire you for your unending dedication. As the developer of CQC, you are a formidable melee opponent, and wield an assault rifle called "The Patriot".

Quotable: (When asked why she fights) "To make the world one again."

More Metal Gear

I hope you enjoyed discovering your own Metal Gear character. If you're looking for some great stealth/action games with dramatic characters and complex stories, I highly recommend this series, particularly Metal Gear Solid 3 & 4. We'll be sure to cover future Konami titles, including the upcoming Metal Gear: Phantom Pain; I hope to see you in upcoming countdowns, quizzes, and reviews!


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    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 2 years ago from Louisiana

      @enamateur: Lol, Gray Fox was a fun character, perhaps I'll include him in a sequel quiz.

    • enamateur profile image

      Perry 2 years ago

      I got Gray Fox because I'm crazy

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 2 years ago from Louisiana

      Thanks Sharp! The remake for the Gamecube (The Twin Snakes) was an excellent game, definitely one of my favorites.

    • Sharp Points profile image

      Sharp Points 2 years ago from Big Bear Lake, California

      I got Solid Snake. I remember playing this game for the first time on the original Playstation. My favorite MGS game was the remake they made for the Gamecube, although I haven't beaten any past the 3rd. Cool hub! Brings back great memories.