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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys

Updated on November 19, 2010

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys Review

Take a trip to Mickey Mouses Clubhouse Toys for one of the hottest toys for Christmas 2010. The Clubhouse has seven play areas, including the Garage, Kitchen, Bedroom, Observation Deck, Mouskadoer room, living room and hot air balloon. In the bedroom, the bed pivots to cleverly drop the character onto the slide to start the day what better way to wake up then going down the slide. Take the mouske-vator up to the observation deck to take a look around, use the telescope to survey the scene and see who might be coming over to mickeys house for the day, and use the 3 two sided mystery disks for a total of 24 red reveal mysteries to solve. Clubhouse includes 12 accessories and figures: Articulate Mickeyand Minnie, Toodles segway, telescope, chair, table, path linkage piece, hot air balloon and base, and 3 mystery discs. Pieces all store inside playset for easy pick up. This toy is one of my favorites because kids love the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show and songs. What better way to bring the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs alive then to be right in it.

Action Songs, Counting Songs, Learning Songs and Silly Songs. Following the prompts in the book, children play each one of the special songs on their Mickey Mouse music player (20 songs in all!). Songs include such favorites as “ If You’re Happy and You Know it…” and “Head Shoulders…”, as well as Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog!” which is featured in the show. The Mickey-shaped base is an irresistible and useful add-on, to use on the go or as a great place for kids to store their music player. For the price of these books it's a great deal for everyone kids love these books because they are neat, interesting and colorful.  Parents love them because they are durable.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toys Walmart and Target

Check out ebay for really neat things from the Mickey mouse clubhouse toy collection. Buying them on ebay sometimes can save you some money especially with christmas coming up some sellers are trying to sell out of their merchandise. So take a look to the left for awesome deals from EBAY.


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