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Micromon Best Ways to Get Free Diamonds & Golden Eggs

Updated on September 13, 2014



So like many other thousands of people playing Micromon you've been looking for ways to get free Diamonds at the IOS Micromon game. For sure we could all use a few extra diamonds to boost our progress in the game but it can be quite a pain to collect a decent amount of them.

I will show you the best way that I have found to obtain free Diamonds regularly and consistently and with that, get free Golden Eggs & Golden Chips so you can get the very best, Top Micromons on your team of the Legendary kind or close to that.

This is not like one of those lazy hacks or scams which never work, or something asking you to fill out a 30 minute survey, it's a real proven method that works, 100% legit.

Micromon Eggs

Micromon Chips

How Do you Get Free Diamonds?

Ok well first we all know that you can go to the online arena and grind your way there to get some diamonds earned.

Unless you are like one of the top Micromon gamer and unless you want to spend like 10 hours a day in there, you will most likely not get a lots of Diamonds that way. I found a way better method at getting a consistent amount of Free Diamonds.

By the way I would recommend that you spend those Diamonds only on Golden Eggs, and maybe a few Golden Chips in case you ever encounted an extremely rare/legendary Micromon in the wild, but the Golden Eggs are the best way to get the Top Top Micromons available.

Always look out for which Micromon you might get and take your chance once you see ones that you like.


The Real Method

Ok so the real way you are going to be getting any decent amount of Diamonds for free, in a legit way is to buy them via Itunes. Why do I say it's free if you have to buy them?

Because the method i'm about to show you will earn you Itunes credit without spending a dime, which you can then use to get the Diamonds inside the Micromon Game.


Basically you will be downloading free Apps on your IOS or Android device and trying them for 30 seconds which will earn you Points.

You won't be spending more than a few minutes on this and pretty soon you'll be able to redeem some Itunes Credit to add to your account. It won't take you very long to redeem, especially the first time you log on you will make 5.00$ within like 10 minutes! After that you have to keep checking daily for new offers.

Click here to check it out Now!

As an exchange for downloading and trying out those Apps you get a panoply of awards to choose from including Itunes. You can redeem 10 USD Itunes for 3000 points and you can wait longer to get bigger amounts. In that way you will be able to get tons of Diamonds consistently and totally free. Believe me it's the faster and easiest method out there, bare none. I've tried them all (or most of them!).

And if you want to earn the credits / points much faster they have the most amazing referral program on the Internet - that if you refer a friend you will get 200 points instantly, either via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Pretty cool I think.


So there you have it, my top method of getting a consistent, regular amount of Diamonds at Micromon without even spending a dime (or spending hours doing annoying surveys).

You will pretty soon ascend to the top of the Micromon League and rule the game!



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