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Microsoft's E3 Conference Was a Mixed Bag....

Updated on June 9, 2018

The title speaks for itself as there were things I liked and hated about this conference. I'll make this one easy on readers and separate what I liked from what I hated to give readers a clear understanding of my situation with this conference.


What I didn't like...

I'll start with things that I didn't like because dagnabbit, I wanna end this on a lighter note...

The first thing that bugged me about this conference? The Xbox One X, or "X.B.O.X," and no it's not the name that bugs me, it's the fact it seemed like the original Xbox One that debuted in 2013 wasn't selling enough units to keep getting supported. That's a dang shame though, because you'd think they'd find away to market the original Xbox One to get continued support. But I guess not, I suppose people are still burned by the Xbox One's 2013 launch.

Next thing I disliked was the Forza showcasing, as it was literally the SAME THING as it is every year. They show off the graphics, then a car on stage.

Then there was Assassin's Creed Origins, as it raised too many questions about the story's continuity. Like are Ezio and the others descendants of Egyptians, or is this the origins of the creed they're apart of? Also how do high sea pirates and the French Revolution fit into this? That and I feel many fans have been burned by the frequent yearly Assassin's Creed releases to have this do well on launch. I hope I'm wrong though.

Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds seemed interesting despite being a battle royale MMO. That was until I saw the gameplay, and all of my hopes were crushed when they showed the "realistic character models," and fifty shades of brown color scheme. I'd kill for more color in these kinds of games, but we'l get into that later when I talk about the positives. Bottom line, I've lost interest in this game from the aesthetics.

Then there was the announcement of Minecraft being played in 4K resolution. To which if that's all we're getting with this new resolution, then I'll stick to regular MineCraft. Besides, I don't have a 4K T.V.

Life Is Strange getting a sequel, which is fine. I didn't care for the plot of the first game all that much, and a sequel seems superfluous given the ending. But if fans are excited for this, that's all that matters.

Then there was Tacoma which looked like Portal meets Bioshock with red and blue humanoid shapes. This ended up on the dislike portion of this article, because whereas I'm looking to play Portal and the Bioshock series when I get the chance, I need more info before I can see whether or not this game will interest me or not.

And lastly there was the unveiling that apparently Microsoft will be releasing all their original Xbox games from 2004 to the end of the 360's life span. If my assessment is correct, you mean to tell me that Sony and Nintendo have been reselling old titles from their previous consoles for at least six years and Microsoft only decided to do for their Xbox consoles NOW!?! That's some lousy business practice by Microsoft to be honest.


What I did like.About Microsoft E3 Conference

Metro Exodus' gameplay made me interested in wanting to play the previous Metro game, because this looked great. There was colorful environment, had steampunk looking elements, and weapon variety. Oh and did I mention the colorful environment?

State Of Decay 2... Yeah it's another zombie apocalypse game, but there's like this face eating, limb ripping Nemesis T-Type zombie that looks fun to kill. I hope there's more than one. There's also some exploration elements, but killing burly face eating zombies sold me on it.

Darwin Project was a cartoony looking third person combat, which looked nice. That and the vibrant colors make me relieved that such colorful cartoony games still exist. Yeah it's a competitive game, but still, I enjoyed the graphics.

Then there was Dragon Ball FighterZ. Okay, I'm a big DBZ fan, but when my dad told me that it put him in mind of BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, I got worried. Reason being every fighting game has a different feel in how characters play and the aesthetics of the games. Using the afore mentioned examples BlazBlue isn't button-masher friendly, as you have to master each character's combos and play style. Achieve that and then you can mash buttons like a mad man because you've mastered a set of combos with each character. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax despite being developed by the game developers as Blazblue is button masher friendly with there being a learning curve on signature moves of each character. Also both BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax have easy to perform super moves. Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 has two control settings:Simple for casual players, and "Normal" for the more adept players. Simple is an easy to handle controller setting that allow for button mashing and simple button scheme to pull off a super move. Normal is a tougher control scheme where player have to learn the unique move-set and super moves that the player has to learn. So the question is how complicated or simple will FighterZ's control scheme be. Because in Ultimate Battle 22 to Budokai 3, the super-moves are complicated button combinations to pull off. While The Tenkaichi and Raging Blast games have easier move-sets and super moves to pull off.

Black Forest is a medieval style action JRPG, which I am a huge sucker for. It reminded me kind've or Tera and Black and Soul, which I really want to play. I'mma look more into this game, because I wanna learn more about it.

The Last Night is a neon colored neon colored side scroller adventure game. I love that it has a colorful futuristic aesthetic, and seems to be a side scroller. I'mma look more into this too, but have to scale back my expectations.

Artful Escape is a brightly colored side-scroller game with a paper aesthetic. Looked to also be a "create your own adventure game" like Little Big Planet and Minecraft, which I'm cool with. I need to see what exactly you can do in that game before I get too excited.

Super Lucky's Tale... Oh boy, this looked like a Conker game. Well the first Conker games anyway. And while I liked the cute and colorful aesthetic, the fact that Lucky looks like Conker was a bad design choice. It felt like a way to bait Conker fans into buying the game, but they want Conker, not a substitute.

Then there was Code Vein which is an action JRPG that looked like a cross between Prototype and MetalGear Rising Revengeance in terms of aesthetics. The action gameplay looked again to Revengeance as well, while also having a Demon Souls/Dark Souls vibe to it. If you've noticed why I never talked about the plots of any of these games, well the trailers don't give any hints of what the plots are, and it was the same with Code Vein was no different. However, sadly much like I took the stupid bait of going by how cool the game looked. I feel like such a sucker.

Then there was Ashens which looked like an RPG set in an dark underground area filled with monsters. It like Code Vein had a Dark Souls feel. Sadly, while I'm pretty sure the game doesn't place underground, the idea of it got my attention.

Speaking of Underground, there's Deep Galactic Rock which put me in mind of a FPS(First Person Shooter) version of Lego Rock Raiders, which sold me on it. BUT what we have are dwarves in a mine on an alien planet fighting monsters. Is it possible to pre-order this, because I REALLY wanna play it.

Then there was Sea Of Thieves, a First Person Pirate adventure. May not sound like much, I like the idea of swimming for treasure, having ship battles on the high seas, fighting off other pirates, and skeletons seems like fun to me.

There's also CupHead, which thank God is alive and well. Actually I'm overacting, as I heard it was on hiatus, not cancelled. But what we have is a 2D side-scrolling plat-former with an art and animation style reminiscent of a late 1920s cartoon. That aesthetic and art style sold me on CupHead when it was announced back in 2015, and to see that is was completed and will be coming out on September 29th(my birthday) has me giddy like a kid in the candy store. So yeah, I'm excited for this, and I hope it's good.

Then was CrackDown 3. What? I heard this game was cancelled, was that a rumor? Did I confuse it with the cancellation of ScaleBound? Regardless, I'm glad this game is being made and released. Neon colored futuristic setting for a third person shooter. Sadly what sold me on it was when Youtube The Completionist," described like "GTA V with superheroes." I'm a sucker for superheroes, so of course I was sold on CrackDown 3 even further.

Shadow Of War, the sequel to Shadow Of Mordor. I really need to play Mordor before getting this, but staying on point it takes place in the Lord Of The Rings Universe, which is enough for me. The gameplay looked nice, but I'm saying that as a sucker for swinging a weapon around and hitting stuff.

Ori and The Will Of The Wisp. You play as this cute glowing creature named "Ori," and explore a colorful forest with a variety of exotic animals. Much like the first game Ori And The Blind Forest. I decided to open with that because I'm so glad Ori And The Blind Forest got a sequel, because it was a beautiful, unique looking game. And it was a plat-former, which I thought was dead. I though plat-formers was a dead genre. But if these other games I talked about is any indication, I was wrong. And I'm so glad to be wrong. But yeah, I'm looking to get both Ori titles, because they look beautiful and fun.

And finally, we FINALLY got some gameplay footage for Anthem. Sorry, sorry, it's just I need to see gameplay because while cinematic trailers are interesting, I need an idea of what kind of game I'm going to be playing. And Anthem while looking like Destiny, puts players in the role of a mercenary with "Iron-Man-esque" armor trying to save the galaxy,, or universe, or some-such. And I'm sorry, but this sold me on it. The flight and swimming animation, and the co-op gameplay. Although even though it's not developed by Bungie, I'm stilled worried because Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda got flack for their glitches, shallow gameplay, and lacking content. Plus Destiny got flack for lacking content, so Anthem for all its hype my have that problem. So I'm hopeful, but apprehensive.

Oh and I forgot about the montage of indie-titles on XboxLive. Most of those games tend to reek of old-school fun.


In Conclusion...

Okay, so in looking back on what I wrote in terms of what I liked, I'd dare say that I found more to like than I disliked. Meaning that overall it's safe to conclude that I enjoyed this conference. Although admittedly I can argue that that Microsoft tried to ensure their audience:"Don't worry, we're still all about games." It might take me a while before I get over this cynical outlook over Microsoft's Xbox conferences. That's assuming they keep unveiling new material like they did this year.

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3 stars for Microsoft E3 Conference

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