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Mighty Gunvolt review: it's actually kind of puny throw back in a lot of ways.

Updated on July 12, 2016

My youtube review has tommy the game master.

Yeah Gunvolt actually looks kind of puny in this game.

and is gameplay just doesn't match up to the awesomeness of the original.
and is gameplay just doesn't match up to the awesomeness of the original.

note all videos and pictures in this review were taken by me from footage of my gameplay and using screen capture software.

Well with the recent release of mighty number 9 being a bit of a disappointment. While I don’t think it’s a terrible game, to say it’s a bit underwhelming for the hype and funding it got is an understatement. Oh well let’s take a look at what I do believe is Mighty Number 9 first appearance, what you thought it was the game released a few weeks ago; well you are wrong. I do believe it is this game Mighty Gunvolt here in which Beck is a playable character; I got this game free on the 3ds for being a backer for Mighty Number 9. And I also bought it on steam because it was part of the steam summer sale and there were some extra stages put in the PC version.


The story in the game makes no sense. I have never played through Azure Striker Gunvolt which this game is parodying, but the opening texts make no sense. It’s full of typos and grammar errors and purposely written that way. Basically from what I gather some evil corporation has stolen all the female students, in all of the girl school, now love is in a danger and it’s up to Gunvolt, Beck, and Euko to get them back. While it mostly parodies Mighty Gunvolts story it has a few stages and enemies from two other games. First is Mighty Number 9 which this PC version has two stages based on MN9, and another from a game called Gal Gun which is a Japanese only game. Basically this fairy screws up, shoots a boy too many times with love arrows, and now he has to fend off a whole army of female students. It’s one of those the Japanese have a different sense of humor and if it was released here it would have been attacked by Anita Sarkesian and other groups big time. Over all the story doesn’t matter and what’s there is just parodying 8-bit storylines including sometimes often translation and English errors.

This parodies 8-bit games.

From the stories that don't really matter to the crappy translation.
From the stories that don't really matter to the crappy translation.


Mighty Gunvolt tries to emulate a good old fashion 8-bit run and gun platformer in the vein of Mega Man and does a somewhat decent job of doing it. First you get to pick between 3 heroes each with different skill set. Gunvolt here can do double jumps and his charges send out a wave of electricity that can really damage foes quickly who he shoots. But when he does this attack he is stuck in place and therefore weak against counterattacks. Beck on the other hand can slide and his charge attack causes him to dash into enemies, and yeah it does take a while to get us to after playing Mega Man where you expect a charge shot coming out of the buster. Finally this little fairy here with her charge shots can hypnotize the enemies into following her around and giving her some extra fire power.

the little angel girl can hypnotize enemies

The game set up is kind of similar to a Mega Man you pick a stage from the menu and continue from there. The stages themselves are ok, there not terrible or anything but there is a lack of enemy or any real challenges to complete them. For an 8-bit throwback game it sure is lacking a lot of the chaos and hard challenge to get through a stage at least when it comes to going through and dealing with a few enemies. The bosses on the other hand can be a real pain. The first one for Beck and Gunvolt especially, has he can spam a dash attack that is hard to avoid.

You see this fire creep he seems to be able to dash at you whenever he wants, has fire balls that hit your weak zone because you can’t jump over them or duck under them. And he can just use his dash ability endlessly. And he takes a lot of hits to take down. I am not saying every boss is like this there are a few fun ones like this man eating plant thing here but a lot of them are kind of lame.

I should also mention that the PC version here has some bonus dungeons not found in the 3ds version. 2 are from Mighty Number 9, and another I would assume from Gal Gun. There I do believe is another stage based on Azure Striker Gunvolt has well. These bonus missions are for the most part fun, I love what they were trying to show off in Mighty Number 9 and the 8-bit highway stage is fun. But the bosses again are even more brutal not in a way that seems fair. The extra stages are a nice bonus though.


The graphics are 8-bit and definitely have an 8-bit feel to them, but since this was originally a portable game the sprites and the set up are more to a Gameboy color so things do get a little cramped, it’s why you don’t see a lot of enemies on screen and it’s a shame if this had been made to emulate more an NES game with more hectic stages and platforming we could have had an excellent throw back. What we get is still charming though and definitely worth looking into. And it’s the closest we will ever see Beck get to being Mega Man. Heck if he was just a little bluer.

Beck looks a lot like Mega Man

If he was blue he would have been called ceist and desist by Capcom
If he was blue he would have been called ceist and desist by Capcom


The music is really good and really memorable 8-bit tracks, it might not be has good has Mega Man themes but it’s still really great. And the 8-bit sound track is just rocking.

Final Recommendation.

I can’t say I can recommend this at 5 dollars, but I can say put this on your steam wish list and wait for it on sale. It’s a fun little distraction and it’s got a lot of that old fashion 8-bit charm to it. If it only had a little bit of the 8- challenge then I could fully recommend it.


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