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Minecraft Aether Mod Download

Updated on July 24, 2011

After an inordinately long wait, the Minecraft Aether mod, a collaboration between several giants in the world of Minecraft modding is finally available to play!

How To Get To The Aether

You can access the Aether by building a glowstone portal and tossing a bucket of water into it. This means that if you're playing vanilla without hacks, you'll have to vist the Nether first. This means that getting to the Nether can be quite a chore. Too Many Items inventory mod works with the Aether and will provide you with all the items you could ever desire, including the new ores and amulets and whatnot.

Aether Animals

The Aether brings with it a whole host of animals, including tameable Moas which can fly through the sky with you aboard. Whilst you're gliding on a Moa, keep your eyes peeled for an Aether Whale, that great majestic beast of the Aether skies. Adding a saddle to a pig makes for a flying mount, albeit a fairly poor one, however you can take your mount with you when you inevitably fall from the Aether's grace!

Aether Accessories

The latest in Minecraft fashion, Aether accessories consist of pendants, rings, gloves, capes and and shields. As you might well expect, different accessories have different effects on the players 'stats' if you will. Some are merely for show (a gold pendant does nothing useful at all, for instance) but others will give you a mining buff or even additional protection.

New Aether Block Types

There are a whole bunch of new Aether block types. For starters there are the 'Atherized' versions of normal blocks and then there are entirely new block types, like cloud blocks. There are three different types of clouds, normal clouds that sometimes reduce fall damage, bouncy clouds that will allow you to boing your way to safety and golden clouds that mostly look pretty.There are also new ores, which can be used to craft armor and other useful items. These new ores include Zanite, Ambrosium and Gravitite. Included with the Aether are decoration blocks in the form of pillars, so you can recreate the Acropolis where the Parthenon is. You can read the full list of new items on the official forum thread, so I won't babble on too much further about them here. Suffice to say, there is a lot to explore and a lot to work with in the Aether, which is exciting indeed.

Aether Dungeons

One of the most exciting innovations in the Aether is the presence of dungeons. Dungeons are a reason to explore the Aether in order to defeat bosses and gain powerful loot. There are several different types of dungeon and they are found in different regions of the Aether.

Installing Aether

Installation requires the usual rigamarole of Mod Loader, Audio Mod and also the pack of Shockah's API mods in order to work. This means it is anything but plug and play. This may not discourage people who have been experimenting with Minecraft mods for months on end, but if you've been spoiled by YogBox style installers that do all the work for you, then you're going to be disappointed - and covered in files. On the plus side, installation really is just a series of extractions and dragging and dropping.

Download the Aether Mod!


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