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Mine4Dead, Left 4 Dead Minecraft Survival Adventure Map Download

Updated on July 21, 2011

If there's anything that's super awesome, it's playing one game inside another game. Like playing Triple Triad in FFVII, or playing Left4Dead in Minecraft. I'm sure you've already inferred what's going on simply by reading the title, but in the interests of absolute clarity, let me state this plainly. This is a survival map download in which the Left 4 Dead worlds have been paid homage to in the most ubiquitously blocky of ways. So you can play a zombie killing game whilst you kill zombies whilst you, er, zombie.

A special texture pack was developed for the world, which adds certain blocks to the game which are rather useful on account of some of them have words and things on them. It also changes apples into medpacks and makes other adjustments to fit the Left 4 Dead paradigm, like chain link fences and whatnot.

You spawn into chaos under a darkened sky and look out into a massive zombie filled world. This really is an impressive map because of the sheer size of the undertaking. The city seems to go on forever and danger truly does lurk around every corner. Even if you want to completely cop out and play on peaceful, which rather defeats the entire purpose of the map, you'll have a good time discovering the world. There are supply caches dotted around the city, your only hope for survival. You can try to escape, but eventually you'll hit a wall and be forced to turn back and face your fate.

What's really nice about this game is the fact that although it is strongly inspired by the many Left For Dead games, it is not a precise replica of any of them, which means you're at liberty to explore an entirely new world. I like this a great deal, as I often find that I like various games (Ocarina of Time being one of them) but the world runs out after a bit and if you're not overly motivated to save the princess, you can end up losing interest. With Minecraft maps you can explore forever – or at least an hour or two.

The download is available for single player and SMP (multiplayer) which means someone could very possibly run this map on their server and then the excitement would reach all time levels of highness. Oh, and on top of it all, you also get a pretty cool Mine4Dead: Blockhawk Down poster to post on your desktop. This isn't just a survival map, it's a survival experience.

Download Mine4Dead Minecraft Survival Map

This is how the map appears if you don't make use of the custom texture pack, but I recommend using the custom textures, they add a lot to the level.
This is how the map appears if you don't make use of the custom texture pack, but I recommend using the custom textures, they add a lot to the level.


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