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MineDraft, Free Online Drafting Tool For Minecraft

Updated on May 21, 2011
For more Minecraft tools and reviews, visit:
For more Minecraft tools and reviews, visit: | Source

MineDraft is a Minecraft creation planning tool that seeks to surpass MS Paint and other similar programs like the Minecraft Structure Planner. MineDraft features a user friendly interface with many of the game's blocks at your disposal instead of pencil dots. I did notice that blocks like fences and beds and leaves were somewhat conspicuous by their absence however, so that's something you'll just have to come to grips with in your own way, in your own time.

Features of MinecDraft include:

  • A clear and easy interface using textures representative of actual Minecraft blocks so your creations come to life right away.
  • A useful tool that calculates the number and types of blocks you'll need in order to create what you've planned.
  • A user friendly, web based interface that allows for easy sharing of your creations.

Tips, Issues and Recommendations

The eraser tool can be difficult to find, but it is at the bottom of the block options interface in a section marked 'Extra Tools'. If you want to erase all your work, you can do so by clicking the page with a red minus sign icon. Double clicking an object that has already been placed will also delete it.

I did find that the tool became pretty laggy pretty quickly. If you want to draw long lines of material it will often skip over blocks for reasons best known to itself then sort of hang about for a few moments before it deigns to put the block where you want it to be. I could perhaps understand this happening after several hundred blocks were laid, but it happened to me around the hundred mark and only got worse from there on.

Another issue I have with this tool is the fact that at this point in time, the only way of creating images is by clicking on the grid. There's no line tool or circle tool or even a basic rectangle tool. Also, sometimes the brush glitches out and starts painting blocks wherever the mouse goes, which means you get a trail of blocks. I get the feeling that these issues are related to the fact that this is really a web based application. I used Firefox whilst trialing this tool and encountered significant lag. Chrome seemed to result in less lag but more glitches. Your experience will probably vary depending on your browser and computer.

With a little more optimization, this could be an awesome tool and I hope it takes off and gets these bugs fixed. In the meantime, programs like Minecraft Structure Planner do the job that MineDraft is trying to do without the lag and hassle. If you're looking for a simple web based tool to sketch out quick little schematics however, MineDraft might still be of some use to you.

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