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Minecraft 4k, Play Minecraft Free Online

Updated on February 9, 2011

Created for the Java 4k game contest, Minecraft 4k is an online version of Minecraft that uses only 4k of space. As one might imagine this is a rather limited version of Minecraft. In fact, it's only barely Minecraft at all. In spite of its lack of Minecraftiness, I thought you might find the news that it exists interesting.

Let's run through the controls, shall we? Moving the mouse controls your viewpoint. Right clicking results in placing a grass block. Left clicking results in the removal of the aforementioned block.

Other features of Minecraft 4k include a ground layer made up of wood blocks, brick blocks and leaves. This probably makes sense on some level, just not the visual one.

Minecraft 4k doesn't really have any redeeming features as a game. Instead it is a game-like curiosity, something you can look at and poke and see if it responds. Some enjoyment can be gleaned from burying into the ground and tunneling through the various terrain like a rabid mole. That activity cannot go on too long either however, one soon hits the base level of supreme blackness.

Minecraft 4k might have some appeal for people who cannot run Minecraft on their computers due to low system specifications. Let's admit it, Minecraft requires a fairly decent computer to run and people stuck on laptops and netbooks may have a hard time getting more than 4 or 5 frames per second out of the real game.

It may also have some kind of appeal for people who want to create in a more challenging environment. Sure, Minecraft 4k doesn't feature any spiders or zombies or skeletons, but it does provide a very interesting and irregular building environment for people who have faith in the construction power of grass.

Minecraft 4k is ugly, limited and very much a hacked down version of the real game, in much the same way a baby's letter block is a hacked down version of the dictionary. That doesn't mean you can't have fun gnawing on it and hurling it against nearby walls though.

If you ever happen to be stuck in a tight spot, perhaps on a layover from Singapore to San Francisco without an ATI Radeon video card in sight and only the Intel chipset in your laptop to get you by, then you could easily satiate Minecraft cravings by firing up Minecraft 4k on the airport wi fi. It won't be a great experience, but anything has to be better than going cold turkey for hours on end. 


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