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Minecraft Achievement Guide

Updated on June 13, 2015

Welcome to Minecraft!

Hey guys, and welcome to my Minecraft achievement guide! For the purposes of writing this guide, I will be using my copy of Minecraft for the Xbox One, however the PC and PlayStation versions all have the same requirements so this guide will help you no matter what platform you are playing on. As you likely know, Xbox players get achievement points, PlayStation players get trophies, and PC players... don't really get anything except the achievement itself. For this guide I will tell you how many points an achievement is worth as listed for Xbox.

There are a whopping FIFTY achievements in Minecraft ranging from the ridiculously simple such as opening your inventory (no, really!) to some difficult ones such as defeating the EnderDragon to the purely boring ones like building a massive railroad and riding it 500 meters without stopping.

This list won't be in any particular order, so if there is one particular achievement that you just can't seem to get and want to jump right to it, might I suggest Control + F (Command + F, for the Mac users) and searching for the achievement you are looking for. There's a lot of achievements to cover, so let's get started!

Hi there!
Hi there!

Getting Wood

Get your mind out of the gutter! Simple enough, you just need to punch a tree until a block of wood pops out. Any tree works and it will likely be one of the first achievements you get in Minecraft. Worth ten achievement points.

Seriously? Seriously.
Seriously? Seriously.

Taking Inventory

Open your inventory. That's it. Seriously. Worth ten achievement points.


Now we're getting more complex! But only slightly. You'll need some wooden blocks for this. Open up your basic crafting menu and create four wooden planks. Now use the wooden planks to create a work bench. Ta-da! Ten more achievement points.

Time to Strike!

We're gonna need more wood... Ok so you will need two planks and a stick (all made from wood blocks) to build a sword. The achievement will pop right after you build it. Easy, right? Ten more points.

Time to Mine!

Almost exactly the same as last time, except now you'll need two sticks and three planks. Huzzah! Another ten points and now you'll be able to mine stone!

Hot Topic

Ugh, Mojang sure likes their puns, don't they? Anyways, you'll need your pickaxe for this one. Mine eight pieces of stone, go back to the workbench and put them together to create a furnace. This achievement is worth fifteen points! Starting to get that score up, huh?

Getting an Upgrade

"Construct a better pickaxe." Not difficult at all. Go mine three more pieces of cobblestone and get two more sticks. Slap them together at the work bench and shazam, you have yourself a stone pickaxe.Another fifteen points.

Monster Hunter

Kill a monster. You're going to want your sword for this, preferably at least a stone sword (two cobblestone, one stick) because killing monsters with your fists takes forever and using a wooden sword sounds like something an elf in tights would do. Are you an elf in tights? I didn't think so.

The easiest way to find monsters is to just wait until nightfall, then they'll come to you. Skeletons, zombies, creepers, and spiders are the most common monsters to attack, though sometimes an Enderman will wander around (these are neutral unless you hit them or look at their face) or if you are in the swamps, you may find a witch or some slime monsters. Any of the above will do though, just make sure that if you go after the creeper, hit it and back away or it will blow up in your face and likely kill you. Take another fifteen points for your hard work.

Pork Chop

Yet another extremely easy one. Find a pig. Kill it. Put it's meat in the furnace (don't forget to add some fuel like wood or coal!) Let it cook. Eat the cooked pork chop. You'll have to have at least half of a hunger bar depleted before you can eat anything. If you want to hurry it along, run around and do some running jumps, that will speed up the process. You're rewarded with ten more points for killing a harmless pig, you monster.

Acquire Hardware

Now we're moving into the bread and butter of materials, so to speak. This one requires that you smelt an iron ingot. Take your pickaxe and start searching for blocks of iron, pictured to the right. One you have some iron, take it back to your furnace and let it bake. Congrats! Now you have a shiny iron ingot, useful for tool making, sword smithing, and armor crafting. Have fifteen points for your trouble.

How could you harm this face?
How could you harm this face?

Cow Tipper

Find a cow and kill it. It may or may not drop leather, so you might have to kill a few cows before the achievement pops up. Worth fifteen points. Man, first the pigs now the cows? You won't be making any friends with PETA like this.

MOAR Tools

"Construct one of each type of tool." Simple enough, at this point you should have at least crafted a pickaxe. You'll also need to make an axe, a shovel, and a hoe. They can be out of any material. For all four tools, you'll need a total of eight sticks and six of the material you want to make them out of (wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond.) Here comes another fifteen points!

Time to Farm!

Craft a hoe. If you're going down the list with me, then you should have gotten this with the previous achievement but for completeness sake, I'll explain how to make one here. You will need two sticks and two planks/stone/ingots. Hit up the crafting table again and make a hoe. Woot! Now you can start farming. Maybe you'll stop killing those poor cows and pigs now... but probably not, meat tastes too good! Anyways, ten more points.

Iron Belly

Ah, here's one that's more interesting. If you've been killing zombies, you may be wondering what that rotten flesh is for. Surely it's not for eating, right? Well it is if you want this twenty point achievement! Let yourself run completely out of food bars, you'll start taking damage from starvation. Now eat the zombie flesh. Don't give me that look, just do it! Well done, you have an iron belly. Now go get some real food to wash that rotting flesh taste out. Yuck!


"Acquire diamonds with your iron tools." This achievement requires an iron pickaxe to mine diamond blocks. This one is going to depend a little bit on luck, because diamonds can be difficult and dangerous to find. Diamond veins occur deep underground and have a tendency to appear near pools of lava. My luck is usually terrible and I'll find a single diamond block at lava level and have to work around it a little bit to actually pick up the diamond so it doesn't fall in and disintegrate. Hopefully you'll have better luck and find a vein several blocks away from the lava pool and not have to worry about it. This is another twenty pointer.

Or Iron Argonian in this case
Or Iron Argonian in this case

Iron Man

I AM IRON MAN! *rocks out* I wonder how many of you reading this actually understand that reference. And no I'm not referring to the super hero. ANYWAYS. Craft a full suit of iron. This includes head, chest, pants, and boots. This requires twenty-four iron ingots to craft the entire set. Well done, now you'll be able to take a punch from a zombie! Creepers will still hurt an awful lot though... Darn creepers. Worth fifteen points.


Ah, now we're getting to one of my favorite aspects of the game: hunting with a bow. This achievement requires that you kill a creeper with arrows.

You'll need a bow (three sticks, three pieces of string from spiders) and some arrows. I get most of my arrows from killing skeletons, they'll usually drop 1-3 of them, or you can craft your own. This requires flint (has a chance to drop from mining gravel), feathers (drops from chickens), and sticks (you should know where to get sticks by now!) You can also buy arrows from a fletcher villager for emeralds, if you've managed to find any or if you trade other items -for- emeralds.

Ok, got your bow? Got a few arrows? Ok, now go find a creeper and start shooting. You'll get ten points when it's dead. Much safer than trying to kill it with a sword.


Back to a simple achievement. You're going to need two pieces of wheat and two cows. Wheat is easy enough, you can farm it near water. Use your hoe to turn some grass into farmland and plant some seeds. Don't have seeds? Start destroying the tall grass that is likely all over the place, unless you're unlucky and decided to build in a desert or snow biome. Plant the seeds and wait (or if you have bones, you can use one to craft bone meal, sprinkle that on the seeds and watch the wheat instantly grow.)

Now for something that may be a bit more challenging. You'll need to find two cows. You may need to hold the wheat and have one cow follow you to another one. When they're fairly close, feed a piece of wheat to each one and they'll go into love mode. Boom, baby cow is born. It's the least you can do for killing cows earlier to get their leather. You'll get fifteen points for helping the cows hook up.

Never before have lies tasted so sweet
Never before have lies tasted so sweet

The Lie

Ah, more pop culture references. For this one, you'll need to bake a cake. The cake is a lie. Get it? If you never played Portal, probably not, and I pity you for it. To bake a cake, you will need a few ingredients. Three pieces of wheat (start harvesting that farm, baby!), two lumps of sugar (crafted from sugar cane which can be found growing alongside water), an egg (chickens randomly drop them from time to time, probably the hardest item on the list to find), and three buckets of milk.

To make a bucket, you'll need three iron ingots per bucket, so a total of nine iron ingots. Using the empty buckets, go milk a cow. Got all the ingredients? Then it's time to bake. You would think that you would bake the cake in the furnace, but you would be mistaken. Craft it at a work bench. Mmm, lies were never so delicious. This achievement is worth a whopping thirty points.

It's a Sign!

A sign of what? Whatever you want to write on it! That's right, all you have to do is craft a sign post. You will need six wooden planks and a stick and will receive three signs. Now place the sign wherever you feel like. It doesn't matter if you write anything on the sign, as long as it's crafted and placed somewhere. Excellent for organizing several chests into categories to keep all your items of the same type together. Have another fifteen points.


Librarian requires you to craft a bookshelf, a multi-step process and a necessary one if you want to make an enchanting table stronger. First you'll need six wooden planks. Got them? Hang onto them or put them in a chest, it's not their time yet. Soon...

Here's the trickier part. You'll need to craft three books for the bookshelf. A book requires three pieces of paper and a piece of leather. Let's start with the leather. It's back to one of our favorite activities, killing cows. You'll need at least three pieces of leather. (if you're going to build a lot more bookshelves, I suggest building a wooden pen out of fences and keep breeding cows.)

For the paper, you're going to need some sugar cane (in case you forgot, it grows near water.) Three pieces of sugar cane gets you three pieces of paper, so harvest nine sugar cane and craft the paper. (Again, if you're going to build more bookshelves, start a sugar cane farm, they have to be planted right next to a source of water.)

Ok, so now combine the paper and the leather to craft three books. Now grab your wooden planks and combine that with the books for a bookshelf. I hope that wasn't too time consuming for you, because you only get twenty points for doing it.

Renewable Energy

This one is much easier than the last achievement. You're going to need some wood first. Place two wooden blocks in your furnace, one in the top slot and one in the bottom. Let that cook for a few seconds and you'll get charcoal. Move the charcoal to the bottom slot and put another wooden block in the top slot. Good job, you just used a tree to burn a tree to create fuel, used the tree-fuel to burn another tree to make more tree fuel. I know there's an Xzibit meme that I could use here somewhere but... nah, I got nothing. Ten more points.

Chestful of Cobblestone

Here's one that will be time consuming, but you'll get it if you play long enough. This achievement requires you to mine a massive amount of cobblestone (1,728 pieces to be exact) and place them in a chest. That is 27 stacks of cobblestone. I'm not sure what you're going to do with it, but it's yours now. Build a castle maybe? Twenty more points to you.

Into the Nether

Simple enough, though possibly a bit time consuming as it requires a diamond pickaxe. Why a diamond one? Because you're going to need to mine obsidian and diamond is the only thing hard enough to break it up. Obsidian can be found naturally when water and lava meet, though you may have to make it yourself. To do that, you'll have to get a bucket of water and pour it onto a source of lava. If you do it the other way around, you'll just get cobblestone, and I think we've all had enough cobblestone after the last achievement. Now mine that obsidian! You will need at least ten of them, though if you want your portal to look nicer, take the extra minute to get fourteen.

Now you'll have to physically build the portal in a 4x5 formation. Place four obsidian blocks horizontally on the ground. On each end, you'll want to add four more straight up. Now connect the two pillars, and you'll have the frame of the portal. It doesn't look impressive, does it? Well that's because the portal isn't activated yet!

To activate the portal, you need to set one of the blocks on fire. The simplest way to with flint and steel, though lava or a fire charge can work as well. Flint and steel is crafted with, duh, a piece of flint and a piece of steel. Go set the block on fire and watch the portal light up purple. So pretty... Thirty more achievement points!

I'm cooling off right now
I'm cooling off right now

Into Fire

Now for the first achievement that requires you to actually be -in- the Nether. Be on the lookout for a blaze, picture to the right. You'll have to kill these guys until they drop a golden rod. The easiest way to kill one is from afar with a bow, but if you have to get up close to kill them, watch out: they will light themselves on fire, shoot three fireballs, then go out. Dodge the fireballs then run in and start beating on them. Blazes are most commonly found in nether fortresses, which you may have to search for, depending on if there is one near your portal or not. It seems like the game will -try- to put you near a fortress at least, so you shouldn't have to look too far. Twenty more points! We're really getting up there now.


"Construct an Enchantment Table" Fairly simple at this point. You'll need a book (leather + three pages), two diamonds, and four pieces of obsidian. Craft it at the workbench and ta-da, twnety more points.

You'll hear it whining and crying before you see it
You'll hear it whining and crying before you see it

Return to Sender

Back to the Nether! Return to Sender will either be a piece of cake or your worst nightmare. The goal here is to destroy a ghast with it's own fireball. Ghasts are the giant ghost looking things that float around in the Nether (and for me, they have a nasty habit of ambushing me at the worst time.) This achievement can be done with either bow & arrow or with a sword. I personally find it slightly easier with the sword but you can experiment to see what works better for you.

Ghasts will spit what looks like a black orb that's on fire at you, and you have to time your counter attack just right to bounce the fireball right back. Sounds easy, right? Well... Ghasts are annoying in that they like to float around while they attack and you can only do so much to control where the fireball goes. It will likely take a few tries just getting the timing down to bounce it back, then some more practice getting it to go where you want it to go. Don't give up, I know you can do it! When you do blast the ghast out of the air, you'll be rewarded thirty points.

Have a Shearful Day

Ah, a nice easy one after the frustration that is "Return to Sender." This is a very simple achievement. Take two iron ingots and craft them into shears. Now go find a sheep and cut it's wool off. You now have fifteen points and a naked sheep. Don't worry, the wool will grow back.

Delicious Fish

Another easy one. Craft a fishing rod with three sticks and two pieces of string (drops from spiders when killed.) Now go fishing. Isn't this relaxing? Once you catch a fish, cook it in the furnace. Bam, an easy fifteen points. (I suggest you catch another fish for an upcoming achievement: see "Lion Tamer.")

Bake Bread

Yet another simple achievement! This time you'll need three pieces of wheat. Just like with the cake, you'd think that you would need to put the wheat in the oven to turn it into bread. And just like with the cake, you'd be wrong. Go to your crafting table and create the bread there. Minecraft sure is goofy with the food.... Take another fifteen points for this task.

When Pigs Fly

Another one that is a bit luck influenced. The goal here is to put a saddle on a pig, hop on, then have it take fall damage. The hardest part is finding the saddle, because they can't be crafted for some reason. Saddles can be found in chests in dungeons, which are noticable by the floor being mossy cobblestone and having at least one monster spawner, or in Nether fortresses in chests. Dungeons are more difficult to find, but Nether fortresses are more dangerous to navigate, so the choice is yours.

This next part is optional but will make the achievement easier. Using a fishing rod and a carrot, craft a carrot-on-a-stick. Now find a pig, preferably one that is already on a mountain or hill with a drop off. The pig needs to fall at least four blocks to take damage. So saddle up and take the piggy for a flight off the nearest ledge. You get forty points for this task. This very odd task.

Dispense With This

"Construct a Dispenser" Crafting a dispenser requires seven cobblestone, a piece of redstone, and an undamaged bow. If the bow has any enchantments on it, they do NOT affect the dispenser in any way and will be wasted. Craft it at the workbench and get twenty points. Nice and easy.

Local Brewery

"Brew a potion" Another multi-step process, but it's not too bad. First you need to craft a brewing stand using three cobblestone and a blaze rod. Next you'll need some bottles. First gather some sand, then cook in the furnace to create glass. Three pieces of glass are combined to make a stack of three bottles. Go to your water source and fill them.

There's a multitude of potion ingredients to choose from, though at this point only netherwart (found in the nether, naturally) and fermented spider eyes (combination of spider eye, sugar, and brown mushrooms) will be useful for any future brewing. If you only want the achievement, however, take one of the water bottles and a piece of sugar. This will create a mundane potion, which is only good for making potions of weakness or splash mundane potions (which has no effects.)

Regardless of what you choose to do, you now have a potion in hand and fifteen points unlocked.

Diamonds to you!

Pretty simple achievement if you have at least one diamond, though it does require two players. For Xbox and PlayStation users, this is as easy as turning on another controller and bringing player 2 to where you are. Then all you have to do is hold the diamond and throw it at the other person. Have them pass it back and log them out. Fifteen points unlocked.

PC users, you may have a harder time with this one. If you're playing multiplayer, then just follow the guide for the console players. If you're in single player, find a zombie and throw the diamond at them. If they pick it up, you'll unlock this challenge. If not, you'll have to keep trying.

Music to my Ears

Another luck based achievement. First, the easy part. Craft the jukebox with eight wooden planks and a single diamond. Set it somewhere and let's find a music disc to put in. If you've been following the guide, you may already have a cd from when we looked for a saddle. If not, you're going to want to find a dungeon. Dungeons are marked by the mossy cobblestone and having a monster spawner. Chests in dungeons generally contain at least one cd.

If that doesn't work out for you, there is another way to get cd's, however it is a bit random. When a skeleton shoots and kills a creeper, it has a chance to drop a cd. Good luck, you may need it. When you play a music disc, you'll be awarded twenty points.


Lion Tamer

For this achievement, you are tasked with taming an ocelot. Ocelots are the small cats that you can find running around the forest, and taming one is not nearly as easy as taming a wolf. For this you're going to want some raw fish. Then head off to the nearest jungle and start looking high and low for an ocelot. When you see an ocelot, slowly approach it with the fish in hand. If you run up to it, it will get scared and run away. I suggest crouching first, then moving towards it. When you get 3-6 blocks away, stop. If the ocelot is hungry, it will slowly approach you, at which point you can feed it. It may just eat and run away, so it's a good idea to bring more than one fish.

Once tamed, the ocelot will turn into a cat, which are wonderful for keeping around your house because creepers are scared of them. Don't ask me why, they just are. Taming the little lion will net you fifteen achievement points.

Adventuring Time

"Discover 17 of the 23 different biomes." This is an easy, but likely time consuming, achievement. The biomes are as follows.

1. River
2. Frozen River
3. Taiga
4. Taiga Mountain
5. Cold Taiga
6. Cold Taiga Mountain
7. Extreme Hills
8. Plains
9. Ice Plains
10. Forest
11. Swampland
12. Swampland Mountain
13. Mushroom Island (Island with giant red and brown mushrooms)
14. Mushroom Island Shore
15. Beach
16. Cold Beach
17. Jungle
18. Jungle Mountain
19. Jungle Edge
20. Desert
21. Ocean
22. Nether
23. The End (Where you fight the Ender dragon)

Just start exploring and eventually this achievement will pop up on it's own. The rarest biome is Mooshroom Island, which stands out for having red cows with mushrooms growing out of their backs. Ew... (Forty points!)

Pot Planter

We're going to need some clay for this. Clay can be found pretty commonly in small pockets of water, I often find it in swamps. Using your shovel, gather at least three pieces of clay and toss them in the furnace. Using your newly made clay bricks, craft them into a flower pot and set it down somewhere. The achievement will pop for fifteen points and now you have somewhere to put a flower to decorate your house a bit. Martha Stewart would be proud.

Passing the Time

"Play for 100 Days." This is going to take a very long time to get. Just kidding, they mean in-game days. Though depending on how much you enjoy Minecraft, you could very well play for more than 100 days and not get tired of it. You'll get this in time, but if you really want it as fast as possible, your best bet is to just leave your console on until the achievement unlocks. Put yourself in a secure location, preferably with an iron door, and just let the time run out. It's not thrilling, but if you leave it on for a long time and go to sleep/work/school, eventually it will unlock.

I blame SpongeBob
I blame SpongeBob

Zombie Doctor

In a fit of mad science, we're going to cure... UNDEATH! To cure undeath, we're going to need a few things.

Glass bottle


Spider Eye (drops from, surprisingly, spiders)


Brown Mushroom


Gunpowder (drops from creepers)



If you haven't guessed, we're going to be brewing a potion. First, fill your bottle with water. Combine the spider eye, sugar, and brown mushroom to create a fermented spider eye. Put both on the brewing stand. You now have a potion of weakness. Leave the potion where it is and put redstone at the top of the stand. This creates potion of weakness+. Now put the gunpowder at the top to create a splash potion of weakness+.

Next, take a gold ingot to the crafting table and break it down into nuggets. Combine the nuggets with the apple to create a Golden Apple.

Now for the hardest part. You need to find a zombie villager. These zombies (pictured right) look like a flesh eating version of Squidward. They can be hard to find sometimes, especially when you actually want to find one. They'll appear randomly at night, but if you have a village nearby and don't mind sacrificing one of the villagers, then hang out there until nightfall. Zombies will beat on doors to try to get to the villagers, but have a habit of not breaking down the door. So help an undead brother out and open the door for him, then hide behind a villager. The zombie will kill the villager and turn it into a zombie. (I recommend you kill the regular zombie at this point to make this a little easier.) Now you need to throw the potion of weakness at the zombie villager and feed it the golden apple. It may not cure him right away (or at all, like when I did this achievement) but you will be rewarded forty points after he eats the apple.

Stayin' Frosty

We're going swimming. IN LAVA! No really. Don't worry, I'm not trying to kill you! First we're going to have to brew a potion of fire resist. First you want to take your water bottles and place them at the brewing stand, and put netherwart at the top. This creates awkward potions. Next, put a magma cream at the top. You can find magma cream from the magma cubes in the Nether. They're like slimes in the regular world, except they're black and orange. You can also create magma cream by combining blaze powder (created from blaze rods) and a slimeball (dropped by slimes in the regular world.)

One you finish that, you'll have potions of fire resist. Now go to your lava source, drink up, and dive in. You may have to move around a little bit before the achievement pops, but don't worry, you won't take any damage. Now get out of there before the potion wears off! This challenge rewards twenty points.

Body Guard

Easy enough achievement, though it will require a bit of iron. You will need 36 iron ingots and craft them into four iron blocks. Now place the blocks in a T formation, I prefer doing it outside so I have someone protecting my home. When the blocks are placed, put a pumpkin on top in the center. All five blocks will disappear and you now have your very own Iron Golem and twenty more points!

Side note: You can also create a snow golem by stacking two snow blocks and a pumpkin in a single vertical column. It's weaker than the iron golem but will throw snowballs at enemies. FUN!

Sniper Duel

"Kill a Skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters." In Minecraft, one block = one meter, so you'll have to be 50 blocks away from the skeleton to earn this. It sounds challenging but it's really not that bad because it just has to be 50 blocks in -any- direction. An easy way to do this is to take 50 blocks of something (dirt, sand, or gravel is probably best) and start jumping and placing the blocks underneath you. Then with your bow, shoot the skeleton a few times and it will die, giving you thirty points. Now dig yourself back to the earth, because I don't think you want to fall 50 meters, that'll sting a bit.

On A Rail

As long as we're talking about distance, let's take care of On A Rail. This time you need to travel by minecart at least 500 meters in a single direction from where you started. That's right, you have to travel an astounding 500 blocks without stopping. For this achievement you're going to need a ton of iron, sticks, gold, and redstone. Six iron ingots and a stick will get you sixteen rails, while six gold ingots, a stick, and a piece of redstone will get you six powered rails. To power the rails, you'll also need redstone torches (one stick and one redstone.)

The way I did this was basically to craft about 500 rails and start laying them down in a straight line. On every fifth rail, I would place a powered rail (accompanied by a redstone torch to power it) If I needed to go uphill or downhill, I would place powered rails every third block because gravity works against you going uphill and I doubt you want to walk the entire way back, so doing it downhill as well saves you some trouble for the return trip.

You can build around objects, however the game measures the distance in a straight line so it's best not to go too far out of your way when possible. This hefty challenge awards forty points.

How am I gonna get down from here?
How am I gonna get down from here?

Leader of the Pack

How about a pretty easy one, after than monumental railroad you just built? Leader of the Pack requires you to befriend five wolves. Hopefully you've saved those bones from the skeletons, because wolves won't always become tame after just one bone. When you tame a wolf, it will become a dog and a collar will appear around it's neck. Nice job, if you have any nametags from the dungeons, you can take it to an anvil and craft a "named" nametag. Then you can use it on the dog, and the dog will have that name appear over it's head when you look at it. Twenty points to you!

Fun fact: If you name an animal "Dinnerbone" it will be flipped upside down and slide around on it's head.

Fact fact: For PC users, if you name a sheep "jeb_" the sheep's wool will continuously change colors!


It feels like it's been a while since we killed something. Let's scratch that itch, shall we? Overkill requires you to deal nine hearts of damage in a single blow. This achievement isn't as bad as it sounds, in fact it can be done with an iron sword! Iron swords do seven damage, diamond swords do eight damage. So no matter what sword you pick, it's going to have to be enchanted. "Sharpness" adds 1.5 damage per level (so Sharpness II adds 3 damage, Sharpness III adds 4.5 damage, and so on,) whereas "Smite" and "Bane of Anthropods" add 2.5 damage per level to undead and spiders, respectively.

For the least amount of materials, let's go with the iron sword and "Smite." This will give your attacks against zombies and skeletons 9.5 damage. The iron sword will only require two iron ingots and a stick. Smite will cost a few levels of experience. Once you deal at least nine damage, you'll be rewarded with thirty points.

The Haggler

This achievement can be a right pain in the butt depending on the world you were given. If you're lucky, there will be a village nearby where you can trade items like leather, paper, and rotten flesh for emeralds. If you were unlucky, then you'll be heading into the mines to dig up your own emeralds. If you're stucking digging up your own, then you want to head to the extreme hills biome and start digging. Extreme hills is characterized by being very mountainous with few trees, blue-green grass, cliffs, waterfalls, and floating islands. You will be looking for blocks of ore with green gems in them, which you can then smelt into emeralds. Happy hunting! Once you acquire 30 emeralds, the achievement will pop for thirty points.

Rainbow Collection

A fairly easy task, though possibly time consuming. You must gather all 16 colors of wool. Below is a list of the wools. Some colors occur naturally on sheep (get those shears back out!) while others require you to dye the wool, or if you plan on using a lot of wool, you can dye the sheep! To create dye, you'll have to find the particular source (most commonly flowers) and craft that into a dye.

White wool - Natural/Bone Meal

Orange wool - Orange Tulip (1 Red Dye + 1 Yellow Dye)

Magenta wool - Lilac/Allium (2 Red Dye + 1 Lapis Lazuli + 1 Bone Meal)

Light blue wool - Blue Orchid (1 Lapis Lazuli + 1 Bone Meal)

Yellow wool - Dandelion/Sunflower

Lime wool - Cactus Green + Bone Meal

Pink wool - Natural, surprised me as well. Peony/Pink Tulip (1 Red Dye + 1 Bone Meal)

Gray wool - Natural (1 Ink Sac + 1 Bone Meal)

Light gray wool - Natural/Azure Bluet/Oxeye Daisy/White Tulip (Bone Meal + Gray Dye or 2 Bone Meal + Ink Sac)

Cyan wool - Cactus Green + Lapis Lazuli

Purple wool - Red Dye + Lapis Lazuli

Blue wool - Lapis Lazuli

Brown wool - Natural/Cocoa Plants

Green wool - Put a piece of cactus in a furnace

Red wool - Poppy/Rosebush/Red Tulip

Black wool - Natural/Ink Sac (Black wool can also be found in villages as light posts.)

Once you have at least one piece of each colored wool, you will be rewarded with thirty achievement points. At least now you can knit yourself a nice rainbow colored sweater.

What're you looking at?
What're you looking at?

The End?

Not quite, but close! To get this achievement, you need to enter an End portal, which leads to the Ender Dragon's lair. This and the final achievement are the most difficult in the game. This one is hard mainly because you're going to need at least 12 Eyes of Ender (crafted from blaze powder and ender pearls, from blazes and endermen respectively.) I recommend crafting more than that though, more on that in a second.

First, we need to find the End portal. This can be located by throwing an Eye of Ender and following it as it flies through the air. It will lead you directly above where the End portal is. It can be easy to lose the Eye of Ender, especially if it takes you through a jungle. Sometimes, it will just disappear for no reason, which is even more frustrating than simply losing track of it.
Keep following it until it appears to be falling at the same spot each time you throw it. There is a stronghold below you.

Now, I highly recommend you do not dig straight down, primarily because the End portal is not activated yet and it hovers over a pool of lava. You'll have to dig your way down carefully until you enter the stronghold. You may or may not dig into the End portal room itself or you may have to search for it, be ready for a fight either way. The End portal room contains a silverfish spawner, so quickly destroy it or you might get overrun. Don't destroy the blocks in the room either, they tend to be egg blocks, which spawn more silverfish when you destroy them.

Once you've taken care of all that, carefully put the Eyes of Ender into each portal block. Usually there will be 1-3 blocks that are already filled in, but there are 12 of them total. Once you fill those in, the portal will activate and you can jump in, snatching the achievement for twenty points.

WARNING: Once you enter the End portal, you are STUCK there until you defeat the Ender Dragon or are killed!

The End

This is it. Most likely your final achievement. It is time to face the Big Bad himself. Hopefully you're prepared, because this will be the hardest fight in the game. You'll want a full set of diamond armor, diamond sword, a bow, and a lot of arrows. Everything should be enchanted. (If you have the Infinity enchantment on your bow, then you'll only need one arrow.) Welcome... to The End.

This area is pretty much a death match arena, and it is filled with Endermen and the Ender Dragon flying overhead. It has a massive 200 hit points (100 hearts), and deals 6 damage on easy, 10 damage on normal, and 15 damage on hard. To give you an idea of how difficult this fight may be, the creator of the game, Notch, designed the boss with the idea that if he could beat it himself, then it was too easy. If you're playing with friends, this is the fight you want to bring them to.

Ok, that's enough talking up the Ender Dragon, let's discuss tactics. First thing to take note of is there are crystals around the island. These will heal the Ender Dragon so it's best to take them out quickly with your bow. If you wait until the dragon starts healing at one before destroying it, the dragon will take 10 (5 hearts) damage. You only have to hit it once to make it explode, but it will heal the dragon for 2 hit points per second, so work fast.

Some things to note: If you are hit by the Ender Dragon's head, you will take 10 damage. If it hits you with its wings, it will send you into the air, possibly to fatal heights.

Once the crystals are destroyed, it becomes a matter of dodging the dragon and counter attacking with sword or bow. It will dive at you now and then, so it is possible to hit it with the sword, however I typically use an Infinity Bow for all my combat needs. The sword will do more damage, but the bow can be used more often. The best method is to switch between the two as needed, based on where the Ender Dragon is in relation to you.

If you manage to kill the Ender Dragon then celebrations are in order! I won't ruin what it looks like when you defeat this fearsome boss, but I will say that you get enough experience to bring you from level 0 to 78! You will also get the achievement and forty points, which seems considerably lackluster for all the effort it takes to bring this dragon down.

'Scuse me! Coming through!
'Scuse me! Coming through!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, all 50 achievements for Minecraft based on the Xbox One version. If there are any for the PC or PS4 that you would like to see addressed, leave me a comment below and I will work on adding it. Hopefully this guide has helped you figure out how to get some hard to grab achievements. I really enjoyed writing this for anyone who reads it and hope to hear from some of you! Later!

Thanks for reading! See ya later!
Thanks for reading! See ya later!

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    • C McD13 profile imageAUTHOR

      C McD13 

      3 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      thank you! i had a lot of fun writing it :)

    • mythicaljcames profile image

      joseph leal 

      3 years ago

      nice hub bud!


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