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Minecraft Automatic City Building Tool

Updated on June 16, 2011
The view from outside the walls of my great Minecraft city of bungalows...
The view from outside the walls of my great Minecraft city of bungalows...

Mace, Minecraft City Builder. This downloadable tool lets you generate a city at your spawn point. (Yes, it's a tool, so you don't have to mod your game in order for it to work. Perfect for the mod-o-phobe and the somewhat hypocritical vanilla purist alike!) No more entering empty Minecraft worlds with a sense of pointless desolation! With Mace, your world begins with a city, a city you can defend or destroy depending on your personal inclination.

Cities come with:

  • Farms
  • Moats
  • Drawbridges
  • Guard Towers
  • Walls
  • Buildings
  • Paths
  • and last, but certainly not least, Sewers.

It is possible to toggle various options in the menu. For example, if you want your city to be a barren place where nothing grows, then you can easily set farms to the off position and enjoy a life free of the rigors of agriculture. The only problem with the options is that some of them probably shouldn't be options. If you choose not to add drawbridges, but keep moats and walls, then you have to build a bridge and break into the city yourself.

The Mace tool is exceptionally easy to use. Simply close Minecraft, open the tool, and select the options you wish for your world, hit 'generate' and next time you open Minecraft, the city will be at the end of your World List. Each city is generated with a 'random' name, details of which are included in the Mace output screen, so you know what you're looking for if you have Minecraft related amnesia.

The only major element missing from this tool is NPCs. The city I generated was impressively large, but also impressively empty. House after house was derelict, not even furnished. It put me rather in mind of the cities being built in China for no other purpose than to continue to raise GDP. The only signs of pretend inhabitants are in the guard towers, where there are beds to sleep on and chests hold armor and weaponry for the city's defense.

You can generate cities of various sizes, from very small, to very large. I generated a very large city and with view distance set to far, it was impossible to see from one side of the city to the other, so that gives you some idea of how large a very large city is.

Because the city isn't lit amidst the houses, if you're playing on anything besides peaceful, you're going to be ambushed by hostile mobs around every corner. This is probably something of a draw card for most Minecraft players.

At present time, this Minecraft tool is still in development, so it's worth keeping in mind that the standard features will probably be expanded over time. At present, cities are very suburban, there's no castle in the middle or even any buildings like churches or taverns. I'm prepared to wait for such additions however and in the meantime, this is still a tool very much worth downloading.

Download Mace Minecraft City Builder

A city entrance, complete with drawbridge. (Actual drawing not included.)
A city entrance, complete with drawbridge. (Actual drawing not included.)
Why, that's a very fine gaping moat to bedrock indeed. Don't stare into the void too long...
Why, that's a very fine gaping moat to bedrock indeed. Don't stare into the void too long...
The city is carved into the terrain.
The city is carved into the terrain.


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