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Minecraft Better Glass Mod, Make Seamless Transparent Glass Sheets

Updated on May 18, 2011
For more Minecraft mods and tips, visit:
For more Minecraft mods and tips, visit: | Source

One of the biggest frustrations for most Minecraft players is the fact that glass is not always the easiest to work with – or look through. In an ideal Minecraft world you could create large windows that would provide panoramic views of the outside terrain. Unfortunately, all you're likely to get with the current glass system is a tiled effect that besmirches the beauty of the world. The Better Glass mod fixes this problem, making multiple glass blocks merge into single seamless sheets.

The Better Glass mod even comes with support for several popular HD and non HD texture packs, including DokuCraft, Painterly, Quandary, BorderCraft, Albion, Misa's, Ovo's Rustic, John Smith and many more. That means you can enjoy your favorite Minecraft texture pack complete with large windows and perhaps even whole houses of glass.

By removing the border that usually surrounds glass when glass blocks are placed next to one another, Better Glass can be used to create sheets of glass in all different shapes and sizes. If a block is not placed alongside another block of glass, it will retain its border. This allows the player to create interesting glass sculptures using sheets of glass and bordered blocks.

Glass can even be used to create fairly distinctive lettering when the Better Glass Mod is installed.

How To Install Minecraft Better Glass Mod

Better Glass is a mod that uses the popular modding API Mod Loader to work. If you're not familiar with Mod Loader, visit this article. You'll need to download and install Mod Loader before you install the Better Glass mod.

A simple install, Better Glass comes as a zipped download. You'll need to unzip this using WinZip or WinRAR. Then you'll need to navigate to your .minecraft folder, which on a Windows PC can be found by pressing Windows + R and entering '%appdata%' into the field.

Open your .minecraft folder and look for the .bin file. Inside the .bin there will be a minecraft.jar file. This is a java file, but you can open it with WinRAR or WinZip. Once opened, you'll see a bunch of files inside this file. Drag and drop the unzipped Better Glass mod files into the minecraft.jar.

Load Minecraft. It should start up normally and the mod should automatically take effect. This is a fairly simple mod to install, although if you do not have Mod Loader installed, the installation will take a little bit longer.

Download Better Glass for Minecraft


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