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Minecraft Crawling, Climbing, Diving Smart Moving Mod (Download + Review)

Updated on December 9, 2011

The Minecraft Smart Moving mod is one of the most exciting mods to come out for Minecraft in a long time. For too long we've been restricted to run, sprint and jump to navigate the world of Minecraft, but with the Smart Moving mod, we can do a whole lot more. This mod includes the ability to climb steep surfaces, crawl under one block high gaps, slide at speed, dive into the water, fly like superman and a whole lot more!


You can climb walls up to three blocks high by jumping and pressing the 'grab' button. (A new function added by the mod.) Once you've grabbed a ledge you can pull yourself up onto it by pressing the forward walk button. (Usually W.)

Climbing a wall with Minecraft Smart Moving Mod
Climbing a wall with Minecraft Smart Moving Mod
Crawling with the Minecraft Smart Moving mod.
Crawling with the Minecraft Smart Moving mod.


The crawling function was the one that got me really excited about this mod. By holding grab and sneak at the same time, you slip down into a crawl. This allows you to move under


To slide, one sprints then jumps and hits the grab and sneak buttons. Your toon will then leap into the air and hurl itself into the ground in a long dive complete with particle effects as you dash through the dirt and grass and whatnot.

Swimming with the Minecraft Smart Moving Mod.
Swimming with the Minecraft Smart Moving Mod.
Freestyle swimming with the Minecraft smart moving mod.
Freestyle swimming with the Minecraft smart moving mod.


The other very exciting animation added to the game is the diving animation. You can dive by holding your grab key and space bar at the same time. When you release the space bar you will launch yourself into a graceful swan dive. Ten points!


New animations have been added for swimming, including a freestyle arms stroking through the water if you swim at the surface of the water, and a kick and crawl motion for those undersea swimming adventures.

Fly Animation

Fly like superman with the new flying animation that puts you parallel to the ground with arms held out ahead of you.

Falling Animation

Fall from somewhere high? Instead of impassively dropping to your doom, you now flail your arms and legs about as you fall, making the experience that much more realistic.

Roof Climbing

If your roof happens to be made out of steel bars (and let's face it, whose roof isn't these days) you can climb along the roof monkey bar style by holding the grab button.

Charged Jumping

A charged jump allows you to jump two blocks instead of the usual one block. You can do a charged jump by holding the sneak button down whilst also holding the jump button. Releasing either one will result in a charged jump. You have to be standing still to do one of these.

Click here to download the Minecraft Smart Moving Mod and get more instructions for its use!


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