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Minecraft Creative Mode Tips and Cheats

Updated on September 9, 2011
The new iron bars, protecting you from the slings and arrows of fortune - and skeletons.
The new iron bars, protecting you from the slings and arrows of fortune - and skeletons.

The new Minecraft Creative mode comes with a host of new features and 'cheats', which I love because it's going to destroy the false dichotomy that grew up concerning creations made in Minecraft. Prior to the existence of creative mode, it used to be that anything made 'legit' in other words, out of items you'd personally gnawed through fifty layers of dirty to get to, was considered better than anything made out of items you'd hacked into your game using an inventory editor. Now that Minecraft has a built in 'hacked' mode, we can stop worrying about whether or not people wasted two thousand hours of their life to build something awesome.

Okay, now that little rant is out of the way, here's how to use creative mode. It's pretty simple, but not entirely intuitive, and these tricks will probably help you.

How To Survive Creative Mode

Surviving creative mode is very easy because you have no health bar and take no damage. Fly right up to the height ceiling and drop yourself into lava and you'll still survive. Handy!

How To Place and Destroy Blocks in Creative Mode

In creative mode, blocks can be destroyed with a single click, even obsidian, which used to take the better part of a minute to get rid of. Left clicking will destroy a block and right clicking will place it. Be careful when using doors and suchlike to right click, because an accidental right click will open the door – by destroying it.

How To Fly In Creative Mode

To fly in creative mode, double tap the space bar. To stop flying, do the same. Flying is a great way to build tall structures or to explore a bit, but be aware that you risk lagging your game considerably if you fly too fast and too far. You'll know when you're doing that because you'll find yourself in a stuttering land of semi generated terrain with an FPS quickly approaching 0. You can fix this by landing, saving your game and reloading it.

Iron Bars

Iron bars are a new addition to the items list. They function much like windows, in that they are solid objects that can be seen through. Arrows shot at the iron bars will lodge in the bars, but not pass through.

Fences and Gates

Gates have finally been added, they are quite noticeable because they have a floating saloon door appearance (which arguably isn't the most aesthetically pleasing option that could have been chosen when designing them, but hey, we no longer have to shove doors in the middle of our fences, so we can't complain too much.

Are There Hostile Mobs In Creative Mode?

Yes, if you set your game to anything other than peaceful, you will encounter hostile mobs. The good news is that they can't hurt you, no matter how many times they jump on you. Creepers are still capable of damaging your structures however, so some caution is advised. If you don't want that happening, set your game to peaceful. 


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