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Minecraft Diary - Day 1: Part 2

Updated on June 22, 2014

Day 1 - Part 2

Well, I have been running the gauntlet and dodging the night beasts quite well. I have heard my foes but I have not yet seen them. This is most likely because as soon as the sun starts to set, I run off inside and barricade myself behind a wall of dirt and stone.

At the start. I would stand there in the dark and wait for the morning to arrive. I would remove the blocks and check. Normally it would still be night. and then, as if by magic, it would be all bright out side.

Ladder to the possibilities

I have now built some ladders which makes my task of going down mineshafts a lot easier.. Well, I guess I should just say - possible, in fact.

These mineshafts do have their dangers though. I feel down one and only had half a bar of energy left - I think you start with 10.

I have of course been finding lots of goodies down these shafts..

The goodies = coal

Goodies have only been coal so far. However, there has been a lot of coal to be found. I think I have been lucky as I am at the bottom of the hill/mountain and that is where the concentrated areas of resources tend to be - deeper!

Goodies need to be protected

If the worst happens and I die, whether by the hands or teeth of a zombie, or from falling down one of my shafts. It is always nice to have what you need to rebuild - if you have/want armor or tools on you - that's why I chest is always good.

I would also recommend building your house/base very close to where you regenerate as I have lost everything due to not being able to find where I built my home.

Let there be light .. so I can work at night!

I moved my crafting table inside as it can be annoying if you want to build at night.. I have also made a torch which now lets me see and lets me work 24/7 - in Minecraft time.

You can see my chest is there, nice and safe.

Upgrading the tools

I have upgraded to a stone pickaxe now. This make everything go a lot quicker to pick at. I had a fair amount of stone in my inventory so it was not really a hard task for something that is important to have.

Thinking about the food..

After my fall down the shaft I instantly thought I should eat something to get my energy back. I didn't have any food at all though. I knew I had means to make it but I didn't have ANYTHING to eat.

When the sun came up, I started to work the plentiful land with its many seeds. Normally, in other worlds I have played, seeds are a lot harder to collect. I am really spoilt here and I will certainly not starve if I put the time in.

Water, could be a problem..

Ah, water! life!

Ah, no bucket..

I thought I could make the water stretch over to where I was going to grow the food but, that wasn't going to happen. I thought I could take some blocks and add some so that the volume stayed the same but migrated. That didn't work.

I have figured I will grow the seeds without water and I will wait until I find iron. Iron is needed to build a bucket. With a bucket I could move the water wherever I wanted it to be.


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