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Minecraft Gates, Half Doors, Window Shutters Mod

Updated on May 26, 2011

One of the more useful Minecraft mods I've come across, this mod allows you to make gates for your farms, half doors for your saloons, and window shutters for your windows. Best of all, it's 1.6.4 ready right now! (Unlike most other mods, it doesn't require Mod Loader to work. I know Mod Loader is an important tool, but sometimes it's just like having John Cleese standing in the middle of your .bin file waiting to burst out a funny walk.)

Let's face it, doors have always been somewhat awkward in Minecraft, especially when it comes to them working with fences. Nothing looks more strange than having a full size door sitting in the middle of a normal size fence. This can be worked around by stacking fences two high (basically by making deer fences) but people who want to conserve resources probably won't bother with that and instead will simply endure the visual awkwardness. Not any more! Now you can place a door, punch the top of it out and leave the bottom behind to function as a gate.

Find the fact that redstone powered doors only open one at a time, often leading to the always awkward 'one is open the other is shut all the time' paradox? This mod changes the mechanics so that one redstone switch will power more than one door. It will actually power up to four doors in a 2 x 2 area.

Shuttered windows can be created by placing a door over a 1 block open space. When you place the door, the bottom will dissapear, leaving you with just the upper portion functioning as a shuttered window. Finally there are windows in this game that can be opened during the day to air the place out and closed at night to prevent zombie invasions.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this isn't currently a mod loader mod. In the future the author says that they'll be creating a Mod Loader compatible version, so that's nice if you like to use a bunch of Mod Loader mods but also want the awesome windows and half doors.

In the meantime, installation of this mod is as simple as unizipping the mod and placing the files inside the minecraft.jar. If you're not familiar with how to install mods and what I just said sounded strange and unfamiliar to you, then check out this article that explains how to install Minecraft mods.

Download the Multi Use Doors Mod


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