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Minecraft Guide: How to build house properly [Simple]

Updated on December 5, 2011

Are you tired of square house in Minecraft? Can't get ideas how to build? You're at right article. I'm going to explain step by step how to build innovative house. How properly "assemble" your house.

First Step: Shape

Most of the people starts building house square shaped. That's the main problem of most builders. You should try use innovative shape.


Second Step: Ground

Second mistake that builders make is putting wooden blocks on the dirt, that makes house floor to be higher than doors. You have to dig dirt and replace it with wooden blocks like in image.


Third Step: Building walls and windows.

This step is pretty simple, you have to build walls and windows also you have to choose place where you doors are going to be.


Fourth Step: Rooms

In this step you have to divide house into rooms, it's your choise how house will look like.

My Example:

Fifth Step: Roof

This step might be difficult, but here players are making mistakes too, they just build roof flat, that makes house look bad.


The best way to fix this problem is simple medieval roof.


Sixth step: Interior

Now we're entering next phase of building. Main rules of building beautiful house is that house have to look

  • Cosy
  • Simple
  • Light
  • Realistic
  • Filled up (Don't leave unused empty space)

Making house light:

Seventh Step: Filling a House.

This is the last step where builder makes home cosy and attractive for him. Let your imagination guide you through this step. Don't be afraid to experment with your building.Gather ideas from real life, use minecraft blocks like book bookshelfs, crafting tables, fence and wooden pressure plates to make tables. Imagination is the key.



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      MLG 2 years ago

      Very nice work

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      Aichang 4 years ago

      i like it!

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      4 years ago

      Nice 1

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      ml 5 years ago

      this is great

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      shelby 5 years ago

      what keys do you use to but the block down