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Minecraft Hopes: Different Dimensional Ores

Updated on June 13, 2016

Overworld Ores

In the Overworld of Minecraft, there are seven ores that can be mined from the ground. Each of these ores must be broken with a pickaxe and some of them have to be smelted to get their full potentials realized. All of these blocks can be used as decoration, but they each also have their own purposes in different recipes and trades. Honestly, the Overworld needs no more new ores, but something needs to be done about those other dimensions.

The Ores of the World

(From left to right) Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, and Emerald ores
(From left to right) Coal, Iron, Gold, Redstone, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, and Emerald ores

The "Ores" of the Nether

Within the hellish dimension of the Nether lies two different... ores? One of them, Nether Quartz Ore, is most definitely an ore. Just like those in the Overworld, quartz must be mined out of the netherrack that surrounds it and can be used as decoration as well as in recipes. However, the other "ore" that can be found in this dimension is Glowstone. Glowstone is a glowing block that, when broken, produces glowstone dust. This dust can then be used in potions and other recipes... so I suppose it is just like those other ores. That's it. No more ores in the Nether. At least that's more than the next dimension.

Nether Ores

Glowstone (left) and Nether Quartz Ore (right)
Glowstone (left) and Nether Quartz Ore (right)

The Lack of Ores in The End

Even with the newly expanded End Dimension, there are still no ores that can be found inside. Some people may argue that the chorus plant is an ore, as it can be processed and used in decoration and recipes. To this statement, I say that a chorus plant is just that, a plant. The chorus plant is much closer to the logs that trees are made of. How do we balance out these worlds?

The Chorus Plant

The tree of The End.
The tree of The End.


The solution is so obvious! Give the Nether and The End more ores! Whether these ores are just those that can be found in the Overworld encased within netherrack or end stone or brand new ores with new features and recipes, it doesn't matter. Here's where Mojang can learn something from the modded Minecraft community, they've made hundreds of ores! What do you think? Vote down in the poll below and tell me your thoughts!

Ore or No Ore?

Where should ores be added next?

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