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Minecraft Hopes: More Passive Mobs

Updated on June 14, 2016

Passive Mobs of the Overworld

First off, let's start by acknowledging what a passive mob is. Passive mobs are mobs that will not attack you, all of which can be found somewhere in the Overworld. These mobs include: pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, squid, horses, rabbits, bats, and villagers. The last one in the list, Villagers, is one of the most important, as it is the only NPC character in the game that can be traded with. You may be saying to yourself, "There's already so many passive mobs in the game, why do you want more?" and to that I say...

The Villager

The only mob in Minecraft that can be traded with.
The only mob in Minecraft that can be traded with.

There Aren't Any Passive Mobs in Other Dimensions!

Go ahead! Look for yourself! In neither the Nether nor The End can someone find a passive mob that has naturally spawned there! What can be found there? One may ask. What can be found in these dimensions are hostile mobs and neutral mobs. Both of the main inhabitants of these worlds are, in fact, neutral mobs. In the Nether, Zombie Pigmen wander throughout, as do Endermen in The End. So, what is the solution? I'll tell you. Add passive mobs to the other dimensions!

Zombie Pigman

The main inhabitant of the Nether
The main inhabitant of the Nether

The Enderman

The main inhabitant of The End
The main inhabitant of The End

What Sort of Mobs Should Be Added?

This Question is the most easy to answer for me. Just add variants of the other passive mobs to each of the dimensions! Though not every single one is needed, a couple would be nice. Nether chickens anyone? Maybe when these little babies are killed, they drop an already cooked piece of chicken. Or how about an Ender Cow? These could teleport away when attacked and drop beef and ender pearls. Though the one's I would like to see most are Nether and End versions of the villager NPCs. The Nether villagers could be normal pigman who have not yet been zombified. While the End villagers could be much shorter endermen with blue colored eyes who do not attack you when you look at their faces. What do you think? Please vote in the poll below or tell me in the comments of a passive mob that you would like to see!

Other Dimensional NPCs

Which villager would you like to see come to Minecraft?

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