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Minecraft Hopes: New Structures

Updated on June 15, 2016

Recent Updates

In the most recent versions of Minecraft, 1.9 and 1.10, there have been a couple new structures added. In The End, there are now end cities and end ships, which have new loot inside of them, the elytra and the dragon head. In the newest version of Minecraft, special villages have been added in the Overworld, like Savannah villages, which are villages made from acacia wood. These both open up new possibilities for brand new structures, as well as updates to old ones.

Savannah Villages

A building in a village made to look like a house in a Savannah village
A building in a village made to look like a house in a Savannah village

Villages in Every Biome

With the addition of the Savannah village comes the possibility of villages popping up in any biome. Maybe you find a ice spikes biome and see a group of igloos. A village in an extreme hills biome could be made completely out of stone, due to the scarcity of trees with it. Jungles could have tree houses built up high with paths leading to each. However, my favorite would be a village in the mushroom island biome! Let each biome have a village!

Mushroom Village

My interpretation of a house in this new type of village
My interpretation of a house in this new type of village

New Structures!

As we've seen from the end cities and even the ocean monuments, we can clearly have new structures added to Minecraft. I have a few ideas that come to mind when it comes to these, though some would be updates to old ones. A structure that nobody likes finding is the Stronghold or, also know as, an end dungeon. This structure includes an end portal, a library or two and maybe even some jail cells. My proposition is to take this and make it a castle above ground, this would add a great sight as well as a possible temporary home for anyone who defeats it. However, a brand new structure that I would like to see is a wizard's tower. The inside of one of these structures would contain an enchanting table and a couple bookshelves, but would also have a few already enchanted items in chests. This would make it easier to get books and enchantments without having to hunt for leather, obsidian, and diamonds!

Enchanting Table

An enchantment table surrounded by bookshelves
An enchantment table surrounded by bookshelves


New structures are always appreciated by the Minecraft crowd... well, most of us, at least. Whether they're as simple as updated villages or as complicated as new structures in different dimensions, they'll always add to the adventure! Please tell me what you think in the poll below and maybe even leave a comment of a structure that you would like to see added to the vast world of Minecraft!

What Do You Want?

What new structures would you like to see added to the game?

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