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Minecraft: How to Build a Crafting Table, a Pickaxe, and a Furnace.

Updated on April 17, 2014

Minecraft - Arts and Crafts

At the start of Minecraft, the - randomly and newly generated - world in which you find yourself can seem daunting and maybe a little placid and serene. But when the night arrives, you WILL be needing to find shelter and cover from the monsters that the night brings with it..

Minecraft: How to build a Crafting Table

You will need: Four Planks of Wood (from any sort of tree)

If you open up your 4 block personal building/inventory screen (by pressing 'e' on the PC) you will be shown - funnily enough - this screen.

If you left click the four planks and then use the right click to place them in each square, a crafting table will show on the right side. Left click this to select and build, and then drag it into your inventory and left click. To place it somewhere, simply exit the current screen and select it as you do and left click to place it.

You now have a crafting table that you can build things on - well done!

Minecraft: How to build a Pickaxe

In order to build yourself a pickaxe - and of course have the ability to mine rock and other things effectively and in a less time consuming way than with you bare hands/fists - you will need the following items or resources:

1 Crafting Table

3 Pieces of Wood or Stone

2 Sticks

Once you have these things, you can build yourself a nice little pickaxe. Now, you can make your pickaxe head from different materials other than I have specified and these will speed up the process of mining, however, right now, it is not worth mention these things as you can "see" or "collect" them without a stone pickaxe at the minimum.

After accessing the Crafting Table - as I have shown you previously - place two stick in the center, leading up from the bottom. Then place either three piece of Stone or Planks of Wood right at the top of the Crafting Table's 9 block square. This - as you should see now - has made you a Pickaxe! - Drag it into your inventory and go and use it!

Pickaxes will wear out and break in time and through use. Be sure you have one spare if you are going out a huntin'

Minecraft: How to build a Furnace

In order to build yourself a furnace, you will need the following:

- 8 Pieces of cobblestone

- A crafting table

Cobblestone is only a fraction harder to find than dirt. It can be found normally a block or three below the dirt, which lies everywhere. You will normally be lucky enough to find it on the top. It will tend to be at the bottom of a hill or mountain. It will take a lot longer to gather than dirt with just bare hands, but come it will. You should invest in a wooden pickaxe first really.

Once you have the cobblestone, right click on your crafting table and place all eight pieces in a circle, leave a single empty block in the center. A furnace can now be dragged and dropped into your inventory ready for placing.


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