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Minecraft: How to build a Stick, a Ladder, and an Axe

Updated on April 20, 2014

Building in Minecraft

When starting out in Minecraft it is very important that you find a way to protect yourself form the coming night. Also, you can start where there are packs of wolves - as you can see if one of my videos - and they can attack you.

Be prepared, be safe, and thus, be productive!

How to Build a Stick in Minecraft

Yes, it sounds very simple and also silly but, I you do not know where to get the resources, how to gather them and then how to arrange them - things can get a little tricky and time consuming.

Here, is how:

You will need -

2 Wooden Planks (of any type of wood)

These wooden planks will need to be laid out at the bottom left square of your personal build box or on your crafting table and then on above it. A presto, you have four sticks!

Building a Ladder in Minecraft

Below I will show you how you need to lay out the resources that you have gathered - and now crafted into the components - to make a much needed ladder.

Here, is how:

You will need -

A Crafting Table

7 Sticks (at least)

Ladders are great when you are tunneling straight down to get the goodies that might be below. In fact, Ladders are imperative to the game.

Building an Axe in Minecraft

An Axe makes everything alright with the world. The world of Minecraft that is of course. An Axe will see you doing things - mainly chopping wood - A LOT quicker than with bare hands!

Here, is how:

You will need -

2 Sticks

3 Wooden Planks

Axes speed up the gathering of wood hugely. There is nothing more annoying than having to wait for your guy to punch out some wood from a tree trunk. This will speed your building up hugely!


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