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Minecraft Plush Toys A Top Present or Gift for a Child or Fans

Updated on July 13, 2016

Why you should buy a Minecraft Plush Toy?

Having discovered your child wants to own a Minecraft plush you need to choose which one's the best present. A plush toy makes a perfect gift for any fan of Minecraft. A plush toy (sometimes referred to as plushies or soft toy and even cuddly toy in England) makes an ideal present for any young boy or girl interested in this great game.

The plush figures are instantly recognizable from the game and bright colors with a soft cuddly feel make them great presents for young kids especially. Having said that though, it's not just young kids who would like these toys, the Minecraft plush toy’s also a great present for anyone interested in this fantastic sandbox video game. Whether it’s Christmas or a Birthday present, or even just a simple luxury a Minecraft plush toys a fantastic present or gift idea for any fan of the game.

The Complete Minecraft 7 Plush Collection

 Choosing a present or gift idea for any Minecraft fan a Plush is a top idea and any child will welcome a new addition into their collection.
Choosing a present or gift idea for any Minecraft fan a Plush is a top idea and any child will welcome a new addition into their collection.

Minecraft The Game - From Humble Beginnings

Minecraft is a sandbox building game in which you gather resources and blocks to craft new items. The game has a huge following having sold over 55 million copies across all video gaming platforms (including video, PC, and Mobile devices). The original Minecraft game was created by an exceptionally clever top Swedish programmer called Markus "Notch" Persson. Later on in 2009, as the game grew in size (and every child had heard of Minecraft) a Swedish company Mojang continued to develop the Minecraft world and retained distribution rights until it was sold to the Microsoft company. Across Minecraft servers right now you’ll find players playing this great game and building perfect communities.

Avoid the Minecraft Mobs

Trying to avoid Skeletons, Zombies, Creepers, Squids and even the Enderman players have to keep their wits about them. However life in the ultimate sandbox world can be peaceful at times and this allows the player time to nurture sheep, cats and even dogs. Here’s the quick overview of the Minecraft plush toys, their rank of popularity, and why they make a perfect present for any child.

The Minecraft 7" Plush Collection

All the Minecraft toys reviewed below are called the 7” range due to their size. They are not recommended as presents for very young children. Every child who is a fan of the game will want to add these soft and cuddly plush toys to their Minecraft plush collection. Each kid will have a favorite.

A Baby Ocelot in the Minecraft Game - the Plush Toy is the best present for any child or children who like this game
A Baby Ocelot in the Minecraft Game - the Plush Toy is the best present for any child or children who like this game

Minecraft Plush Baby Ocelot!

Minecraft Baby Ocelot Plush

The ocelot makes a perfect present as it is a tameable cat within the game. It's essentially a baby kitten that will finally grow into an adult Ocelot over time if it is fed well and looked after, similar to real cats!

With the release of the 1.8 Minecraft Server edition ocelot’s growth rate can be accelerated by feeding the kitten raw fish. This present makes an ideal gift as the baby ocelot is a passive mob and friendly to the Minecraft player once tamed. Like all cats the ocelot is able to fall without taking any damage in the game, just like cats can flip over in real life to land on their feet.

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Minecraft Baby Mooshroom Plush

Minecraft Baby Mooshroom Plush" Minecraft Animal Plush Series
Minecraft Baby Mooshroom Plush" Minecraft Animal Plush Series

The Minecraft Soft Toy Mooshroom 7" is a great present and a ideal gift for any serious intelligent collector of Minecraft merchandise. This plush is probably my favorite!


Minecraft Baby Mooshroom Plush

The Mooshroom is a very interesting adaptation of a cow and a mushroom. They are found within the game on top of mycelium blocks in Mushroom Island biomes. They look cute and cuddly too (almost like a cross between a normal cow (also found within the game) and a Fly Agaric Mushroom.

The Baby Mooshroom wonders around making moo sounds, and can also be milked as well as producing Mushroom soup! The pun between the cow and mushroom is seen at work here within Minecraft. Just like in the real game this plush toy‘s really exceptionally likeable and will cause no harm or damage to the Minecraft player.

Minecraft - Baby Sheep!

Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush

Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush
Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush

Well it's hard not to find sheep irresistible - this Minecraft Plush is a firm winner when it comes to cuteness. Warm fluffy looking the Minecraft toy is a great present!


Minecraft Baby Sheep Plush

Who doesn’t love sheep? This adorable plush toy is both soft and warm. The baby sheep’s growth within the game can be accelerated by feeding it wheat. Baby sheep can be heard baaing throughout the game world and this toy is instantly recognisable to any kids or children who have heard or seen Minecraft.

This toy makes an ideal gift as everyone knows sheep are fluffy and likeable. Baby sheep eventually grow into adult sheep and can be husbanded or sheared for wool, providing the Minecraft player with a renewable product. This wool can then be turned into all manner of crafts within the game such as carpets. Baby sheep give wool based on their original colour. This plush toy is available in white and makes a superb present for any grandson or granddaughter. Soft cute and cuddly!

Adult and Baby Sheep in Minecraft - the Plush Toy is as soft and cuddly as you'd expect a sheep to be in real life!
Adult and Baby Sheep in Minecraft - the Plush Toy is as soft and cuddly as you'd expect a sheep to be in real life!

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Minecraft Plush Toys are great Presents for any Child or Fans of the Game!

Minecraft Enderman 7" Plush

Minecraft Enderman 7" Plush
Minecraft Enderman 7" Plush

The Enderman (or Ender Man) is perhaps the most scariest Minecraft Toy here. But he's still a fav plush for all Minecraft fans and players.


Minecraft Enderman Plush

The Enderman is a neutral mob within the game, and makes an unusual toy or present. The Enderman can teleport and will not attack unless provoked by a player. If attacked they begin to shake with anger and emit a powerful noise.

The Enderman drops an Ender Pearl which can be crafted to produce the Eye of Ender which can then be used to locate and activate end portals within strongholds. The Minecraft Ender Man plush is both soft and well made a perfect toy for any fan of the Minecraft game.

A perfect plush toy to add to a child’s growing collection. The Ender Man is a perfect gift or present for any grandchild. The plush has a very dark material that is yet soft and warming to the touch. The slender body is surprisngly durable and can withstand constant pulling.

Minecraft Mob Guide - The Bat

Minecraft Plush Toys Review - Creeper, Enderman and Baby Mooshroom

Minecraft Bat Plush

The bat lives within caverns in Minecraft and is a passive mob, which means they will cause no harm to the player or attack the player. They emit squeaks and are only active at night, just like real bats.

This plush makes an ideal gift for boys or girls as it is very soft and cuddly. Being a friendly animal in the game it’s also likely that a child will instantly grow attached to their Bat toy and want to make it part of their Minecraft Plush collection. The plush has fantastic brick design on its wings and body that unite the toy with the block like design of the Minecraft game itself.

Many children are not aware of the existence of the Minecraft Bat Plush - which makes this present a very big surprise for the avid fan!

Minecraft Baby Squids

Minecraft Squid Plush

Minecraft Squid Plush

The squids a water based mob so is a popular present or gift for kids who like any water based activity. Again the mob within the game is passive to the player it also moves like a real squid using its long legs to propel itself through the aquatic environment.

The material of this plush is very soft and lovely to feel. Made to a good quality the legs of the squid also feel sturdy and are able to move around freely. The Minecraft block design (blocks of light blue and white material) is featured on the squid’s central body.

Minecraft Creeper 7" Plush

Minecraft Creeper 7" Plush

Every player’s aware of the Creeper and this is why it’s one of the most popular plush toys. The creeper can move silently and is hostile. Once near a Minecraft player it hisses, flashes and then explodes. It was one of the original hostile mobs.

The plush is well made and very durable. The softness of the material’s a real delight. Coloured block design work adorns the Creeper’s central body. This Mine Craft plush stuffed toy is a firm favourite for both players and fans alike.

Thanks for Reading my Hub on Minecraft Plush Toys as Presents!!

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