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Minecraft Rideable Mounts | How To Tame Minecraft Horses and Craft Horse Saddles

Updated on June 25, 2011
For more handy Minecraft mods and guides, visit:
For more handy Minecraft mods and guides, visit: | Source

Minecraft has long been missing a truly rideable mount, (pigs are theoretically rideable, but they're not controllable, so they're pretty much a waste of time. Once again, Minecraft's modding community comes to the rescue. Dr Zhark's Mo'Creatures fixed that with horses you can actually ride. But how do you ride them? How do you tame them? How do you make the special saddle needed?

This is one of those topics that's almost impossible to find a quick guide for because everybody decides to make a video of something that would take approximately two minutes to read up about, so instead of getting the information you need you get ten minutes of mouth breathing and 'uhhhhh'. Not this time my friends, not this time. This time you can use the power of your eyes to look for the heading most relevant to your interests and discover the truth of the matter within mere seconds.

How To Tame A Minecraft Horse

To make matters simple, here's how you tame a horse – you feed it bread or wheat. In theory the horse will follow you once it is tame but in my experience they need to be kept inside a fenced area if they're not to wander away. How you really know whether or not your horse is tame is saddling it and getting on. (To mount your horse, right click it.) If the horse allows you to direct its movements, then you have a tame horse. If you find yourself flying though the air with the greatest of ease, you don't have a tame horse. If you've saddled a horse that's not tame, don't give up right away. More bread will eventually mellow the savage wee beastie. It is not uncommon for normal horses to take three loaves of bread or more to become tame, so perseverance is key when it comes to horse taming.

How To Craft A Minecraft Horse Saddle

Here's how you craft a saddle. Place three leather across the top row of the crafting grid, then one leather, one iron and one leather across the middle then one iron on the far left and one iron on the far right of the lowest row. You've now crafted a saddle. Right click a horse with it equipped in your inventory to saddle the horse.

How To Get Minecraft Horses

Rideable Minecraft horses can be obtained by installing Dr Zhark's Mo'Creatures Mod. You can install it as a stand alone mod or as part of the YogBox. Once the mod is installed, horses will spawn periodically in herds. You must tame them or they will despawn like other animals do. You can do more than just ride Minecraft horses, it's also possible to breed them to get new types of horses and if you're lucky, a rare Pegasus will spawn and you'll have a flying mount!


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