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Minecraft Security Camera Mod

Updated on March 14, 2011
For more magical Minecraft mods, visit:
For more magical Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

In Minecraft you can do anything, anything at all. You can even see through solid walls if you're prepared to install the blasphemy that is a wire frame texture pack, but this Minecraft CCTV Camera mod, a mod that allows you to craft remote surveillance cameras and monitors to view the resultant images on is infinitely more satisfying.

How does it work? It's simple. Simply craft a camera and point it at what you want to keep an eye on, then craft a monitor and put it in a secure location for your viewing convenience. The camera will then transmit a grainy 64 x 64 image to your monitor, allowing you to keep an eye on the outside world.

How To Craft A Minecraft Security Camera

Resource usage is low with this mod. You won't need to tunnel for days to find enough redstone to make things work. To create a camera all you need is three dirt blocks, three wooden plank blocks and one block of cobblestone. The monitor is even less resource intensive, requiring only one wooden plank block, one dirt block and one cobblestone block.


After playing about with this mod for a bit I discovered that multiple cameras won't work. In other words, no matter how many monitors you have, they will all feed from the last camera placed in their radius. In fact, if you simply craft a camera and hold it in your 'hand' as you walk around, it will feed to the monitor. Having said this however, the creator has mentioned that multiple channels are a very real proposition in future updates, so by the time you read this, you may very well be able to choose what channels to monitor.

At present time, CCTV cameras seem to work best at relatively short distances from the monitor (the creator of the mod reckons ten or so blocks, but it will work at further distances, just not as well.) If no cameras are placed (or held in your personal inventory) then the monitor will simply display whatever is behind you. Handy for those sneak creeper attacks that can be so very devastating to the unprotected minecrafter.

Monitors emit a small amount of light, however if the camera is located outside at night, you won't see much. Though this is currently more of a novelty than a valuable tool in the fight against aggressive mods, I sense great promise in this mod.


Installation is simple, simply unzip the mod and drop the .class files into your minecraft .jar. It does require ModLoader v.5 however, which might be an issue for people still using mods dependent on ModLoader v.4

Download the CCTV Minecraft Mod


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