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New and Trusted Minecraft Servers and a Player Server List Guide Direct From as Fan Player in 2019!

Updated on September 19, 2019
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John D. Williams enjoys handicrafts, including making canes and walking sticks and playing "Minecraft."

What is Minecraft and why choose Minecraft Servers over singleplayer?

Minecraft remains a highly popular computer video game combining many features including survival horror, resource collecting, and construction. All of these actions occur in a virtual world. Minecraft servers allows access to the game for players on a remote server with additional choices affecting which servers remain accessible to players. Minecraft was only released in June 2010 yet the graphics remain extremely basic. However what sets Minecraft apart from other lack-lustre games is the highly interesting game play and customization. Choosing the correct server from the server list guide will ensure your playing time equals the attention this game truly deserves.

The virtual world featured in Minecraft consists of a world of basic cubes depicting a landscape presenting mountains, trees, rivers, lakes and land. These cubes offer the player a chance to mine for different materials. However the player must create items from wood as a resource to enable him or her to mine.

Breaking away from the single player mode involves playing Minecraft on a choice of Minecraft Servers enabling you to play with other players through the wonder of the Internet.

Minecraft Servers Uptime, Popularity, Players the ultimate choice

Choosing a server based on its Uptime remains important. This indicates how long the server runs for (excluding downtime such as server resets, upgrades and even faults). The higher the number or percentage the longer you can play Minecraft. Popularity indicates how many people play on the server. Again the higher number the more interactivity occurs with greater paling experiences for new players. A figure against Players indicates the number of active players. Choosing Minecraft servers with few players (a dead server) offers a dull playing experience as well as a lonely time. Selecting a Minecraft server nearly full of players offers an increased game play experience.

Geographical location considerations for Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Servers also exist throughout the world so choosing a popular server from the server list guide, should focus on geographical area to an extent. Not only will you find no language barriers, you’ll also have less broadband issues to cope with. This is often referred to as “lag” a simple delay between the host server and your computer. The greater the lag the harder it is to play Minecraft.

Mincecraft hosting allows users to play the game as a multi-player experience. Such servers offer survival servers as well as other types of other Minecraft online servers to enhance gameplay.


[Uptime: 94.0% - Buxville (
A substantial number of players on line makes this the number 1 Minecraft server in current operation.



[Uptime: 100.0% - Aurora (
A private server so you ned to register as a member before you can play on this server. Ranked as the 2nd best Minecraft server available. Has a low lag and a very high number of players.



[Uptime: 92.0% - Orcworm (
A dedicated server with lots of additional RAM for smoother gameplay. Large number of players and on-line since Dec 2010 makes this an established choice when considering which Minecraft servers to join.

Location: GERMANY

Minecraft Addicts

[Uptime: 100.0% - Minecraft Addicts (

An event packed website with full community support make tis a great choice from the myriad of Minecraft servers.

Location: CANADA

Other notable choices from other Minecraft Servers

Art of War
Haven Gaming

To Mod or not to Mod?

Choosing Minecraft servers that have not been “modded” (modified with additional expansion packs such as textures and Minecraft skins) allows for a greater vanilla experience when playing the game. However as you progress in the game you probably consider additional mods to increase your playing experience. Ensuring your server remains capable of running your installed mods means you be allowed to continue using the Minecraft servers you’ve already joined.

Community Spirit when playing Minecraft

As the game involves interaction with other players a sensible mature community helps support both new and old players alike. Playing the game in a friendly environment adds to the pleasure from spending time increasing your virtual world. The servers mentioned in this server list guide offer a mature audience for sensible players.

The Minecraft server list guide helps give you options when it comes to choosing the optimum game playing experience beyond the single player limitations of this fantastic game. Having over 800,000 downloads the community surrounding this game looks set to stay for many years. As “mods” help lift the game up the key game play aspect will help draw in new players. Choosing from the list of potential Minecraft severs remains an easy choice when looking at the available server mentioned in this Hub

Minecraft offers a host of servers to play the game in multiplayer mode.
Minecraft offers a host of servers to play the game in multiplayer mode.

Minecraft Servers List an afterthought for Survival Gaming

One of the best sites for Minecraft Servers I have found recently is:

This brilliant Minecraft site allows players to see which server ranks top, as well as giving specific locations which can help reduce lag whilst playing Minecraft. The servers are linked by what specific type of gameplay they offer whether Survival, Creative, or Classic.

Each Minecraft Server link offers a comprehensive list of the serves requirements as well as limitations making it easy to avoid Whitelisting if you so require. Server IP/Port addresses as well as an indication of server uptime give the Minecraft player a wealth of information to choose from.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 johndwilliams


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