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Minecraft Tornado Mod Download

Updated on August 11, 2011

Tornadoes in Minecraft! Minecraft Tornado! The mod that took Minecraft by storm! There are not enough exclamation marks in the world, my fine friends, not enough exclamation marks in the whole wide world to describe how excellent this mod from Cordon Freeman aka Corosus actually is. (On a side note, I'd like to see a world in which our online names became our real names, because only in that world will we have found true freedom.)

But on with the tornadoes! This mod adds, as you have no doubt surmised, significant gusts of wind more than capable of huffing and puffing and blowing your house down. Unless your house if make of bedrock, in which case we all know you cheated and we don't care in the slightest, because caring about 'cheats' in a sandbox game carries a 99.999% likelihood of frustration with one's life and the people around one.

Here's how tornadoes work:

You can 'craft' a tornado by combining two pieces of string with a stick in a vertical string, stick, string configuration.

When you use this new item (which looks like another innocent piece of string) all tornado-ey heck breaks loose and the ground around the tornado site will be lifted up in a swirling, whirling motion and carried for miles. If there's grass, there's a better than even chance that unfortunate animals will spawn in the tornado. Why? Because life's just not fair.

Material picked up in the tornado will be carried along and dumped in the path of the tornado. This will make a delightful mess of your Minecraft landscape.

At present, you must use the special string tool to create a tornado. They will not spawn naturally, though the creator mentions that naturally occurring tornadoes are a possibility in future incarnations of the mod.

This mod uses Mod Loader, like most mods worth their salt. Aside from Too Many Items, the in-game Minecraft inventory editor. That doesn't need any API to work. Sometimes I find myself wondering if it even needs Minecraft to work. When that happens I eat something sugary as it's a clear sign my blood sugar has dropped far too low.

It also comes packaged with fiery 'worms' which course through the air, twisting up on themselves. They are made entirely of flame and may have a point I'm not aware of besides tripping the player out and making them question everything they once held dear.

Because the download in the official Minecraft forum didn't work for me and instead informed me (quite rudely) that the file 'dids nots exists' (Filecopter's poor grammar, not mine) I ended up downloading it from the original link.




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