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Minecraft Train Mod | How To Make A Train In Minecraft

Updated on July 17, 2011

There are a few mods I really want. Really, really want. One is a lawn mowing mod, although I can't quite remember why I want that so badly right now, the other is a bulldozer mod, a mod that would allow you to flatten swathes of terrain simply by driving through it – that would be awesome. Neither of those mods exist at the moment, but you know what does exist? This train mod – and this train mod is just as awesome as the aforementioned imaginary mods, even more so because it's real and you can download it and make your own choo choo trains. (That's a technical term.)

The trains really work, they don't require powered rails because they can be powered with different fuel sources which depend on the type of train you use. If you make use of the locomotives then you can simply run them on coal. If you make a high speed train, well then you'll need to get yourself some redstone (used for all the electric trains.) There's even a diesel locomotive, which runs on diesel. You'll find oil deposits in newly generated sand chunks and these oil deposits can be refined to create diesel for your locomotive.

The mod also includes a 'track building' train. It's a secret recipe, but I have a way around these sorts of secret recipes and you can find it in the PRO TIP section below. Suffice to say, when driving the track building train is put in motion it will automatically build tracks in a straight line and even tunnel through mountains and underwater. That's how it rolls. (Or not, because it doesn't have wheels.)

PRO TIP: If you install the 'Too Many Items' in game inventory editor with this mod, you don't have to worry about going through the more complicated aspects of actually crafting the trains and their components because the mod will automatically detect the trains and add them to your Too Many Items inventory, so instead of messing about crafting sixty different parts you can just pluck a locomotive out of thin air.

This is an impressively diverse mod and I for one, really enjoy what it does for Minecraft. Additional transportation options are always welcome in a game world that can grow up to six times the size of the planet Earth.

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