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Minecraft Tutorial: Automatic Sugarcane Farm

Updated on July 7, 2015

Concept: The Sugarcane Auto-Farm

Sugarcane is unique in Minecraft, that it shares the ability to grow upwards vertically without the need to be replanted between harvests. This ability, only shared somewhat by the cactus allows the player to effective make farms that will harvest the sugarcane without the player needing to interact with the farm. With the introduction of update 1.8, the sugarcane farm is complete in that the newly introduced hoppers allow for the automated pickup of the harvested sugarcane, which is then dumped into the appropriate chest.

The Harvesting piston Technology operates on a game function called a BUD Switch, BUD stands for "Block Update Defector". This means that when the piston is alerted to the sugarcane that just grew directly in front of it, a signal will be sent for that piston to extend and break the middle or top layer of sugarcane in order to harvest it. Because the bottom block of sugarcane will never be busted, the plant can continue to grow forever.

Necessary Materials

8 Sugarcane to plant
18 Pistons
20 redstone
at least ten redstone torches
Tripwire Hook
Double Chest
Water Bucket
Building Block(Stone or Wood)
Iron Fence

Tutorial: Step One: The Foundation

To start find an open area and place eight sand blocks in a straight line, these blocks will be where you place your sugarcane at a later time. Next you will want to skip one block over and place a parallel line of your building block also eight blocks long. Once you have two parallel lines with a one block separation between the two rows place a block at one end between the two lines one past the end of the row. Please refer to the picture below if you need a further understanding. One this block is places use your water bucket on the block so your water runs the distance of the parallel lines.

Step One Photo

Step Two: The Piston Wall

Now place two rows of eight blocks long directly behind the row of sand placed in step one on top of each other. This should create a two high wall directly behind the sand Next, while standing on the sand row, place a row of 8 pistons facing the sand across the block wall. After this is done repeat this step by placing 8 more pistons back across thus creating two rows of eight pistons stacked on top of each other.

Step Two Photo

Step Three: Redstone Wiring

Behind the Piston wall make a row of blocks eight long that is three blocks off the ground. This row of blocks should be directly behind the first row of pistons. Next you will need to place another row of eight blocks long which is two above the one you just placed, thus leaving a one block gap between the two and leaving the upper piston's backs exposed.

Now you will need to create a line of redstone on top of both lines of blocks you have just created. The First block nearest to the end of the water stream will need a repeater on it for both levels the top one should be placed on four ticks and the bottom one no ticks. Next Refer to the video below for the next step of redstone because it is pretty complex to explain.

Step 3 Photo

A Video Tutorial Of This Farm

Step Four: Finishing Touches

Next step will be finishing up this relatively simple build by placing a tripwire across the water stream as pictured below and hooking it up to the redstone built in step three. After this you will need to plant the sugarcane which will reset the machine and turn it on all the way.

You can now make the machine look better placing lights round it and adding an iron fence which will contain all the flying sugarcane within the machine. At the end of the water stream and under the tripwire you can add a hopper flowing into a chest which will automatically store your vast quantity of sugarcane.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below. This tutorial is based completely on Mumbo Jumbo's design so watch his video below and make sure to subscribe to him for more ideas.

Step Four Photo


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