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Minecraft: What are Shulkers?

Updated on August 8, 2015
A Closed Shulker
A Closed Shulker
An open Shulker
An open Shulker

What is a Shulker?

A Shulker is a Mob/Block that was added to the vanilla Minecraft in update 1.9 in August 2015. The Shulker, pictured to the right, spawns in the end, a dimension of Minecraft that can only be entered by traveling through a end portal found in one of the three dungeons of a Minecraft seed.

The shell of the mob looks similar to a "purpur block", blending in relatively easily compared to its surroundings of other purple blocks in the end. Inside the shell of the mob lies its "core", a small yellow head.

The Shulker usually hides in its shell but upon seeing a player character it will open up and shoot a projectile at the player. The projectile, called a "spark" will deal the player four (4) life damage out of ten and will apply a levitation power to the player that will make them float upwards for the next ten seconds. This floating can stop a player from melee attacking it and cause substantial damage by the drop damage caused from falling after the levitation power runs out.

Shulkers cannot spawn and they will never repopulate an area. This means when a shulker is killed it will never be replaces so it is possible to kill every one in the map seed and never need to worry about them again. Since the update has just been released there is still a lot of things that will need to be tested about the shulker such as its ability to be used in turrets and other defense mechanisms along with the possibility of it being used in redstone.

Shulker Stats

Shulkers, under normal conditions will always remain stationary, with its body completly attached to an adjacent solid block. However, under certain conditions when the block the shulker is occupying becomes something other than air or if the shulker finds itself not adjacent to any solid block, it will immediately attempt to teleport to a new block nearby ( with 5 attempts per game tick) to an air block within a 17×17×17 cuboid area that is correctly centered on the shulker that is adjacent to a solid block.

likeabove, mentioned Shulkers will every once in a while open their shell fora one to three second span to peer outside on its surrounding. When a possible target comes within approximately 16 blocks of the center of the Shulker, it will open up fully and shoot bullets which only move along the X, Y, or Z axis directly at the player. The projectiles can possibly be destroyed by attacking them before they reach their intended target . If the bullet hits an entity, the shulker will continue to fire every one to five point five seconds until the threat is removed from the sixteen block area.

When its shell is closed, a shulker will have 20 hearts and will be completely immune to any types of arrows. When the shell opens, it immediately loses this natural armor and takes damage as normal mobs do. When the Shulker is a less than five hit points it will have a one in four chance to teleport within sixteen blocks to a new home to protect itself. When a shulker is attacked, other shulkers within the direct area will target the attacker as well to protect their own kind.

Shulkers are also completely immune to all forms of fire and lava. This may come from the fact that they are in the End.

Shulker Information by Xisumavoid

Fun Facts: Shulker

  • By using command blocks, Shulkers can be made to be a part of a team to attack other teams and can be used as defense mobs protecting certain areas. In that case, it will only attack players on a team different from the one it is assigned to. This can be used in multiplayer server war game types.
  • The original file name of the texture that the Shulker uses is named "endergolem.png"
  • The file name of the texture for the projectile shot by the Shulker is aptly called "spark.png"
  • Shulkers are slightly smaller than a full-sized block and thus can be seen apart from normal purple blocks if one inspects it closely.
  • When Shulkers are under the Invisibility effect, their shell is invisible and the creature inside loses it's texture.
  • The name shulker comes from a portmanteau of "Shell Lurker"
  • Shulkers are unaffected by the Levitation effect that they shoot out at players, and thus won't float up when hit by another Shulker.

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