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Minecraft Winter Christmas Texture Pack

Updated on December 13, 2011
A very merry Minecraftsmass!
A very merry Minecraftsmass!

Winter is a wonderful time of year. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, it's because Christmas comes in the darkest depths of winter, making holiday travel a treacherous adventure – the best kind of adventure. If you're in the southern hemisphere, winter is also nice because it gives you a break from the endless sun tans and barbecues that everyone takes part in almost constantly. It's a south of the equator thing.

Blathering about winter inside, this minecraft texture pack has embraced all the wonders of winter, and will make a wonderful seasonal theme for all your winter creations.

Here's a few highlights from the texture pack:

I love the wiontery trees with snow clinging to their sides, so pretty! They give one's wooden builds a very Skyrim feel, actually the whole pack has a sort of Skyrimmy feeling to it.

The snow tinged dirt is very pretty, there's even snow colored sand, which is basically just white sand, but it does the job.

I also love the wintery glass, with snow clogging up the sides of it, giving creepers and skeletons a chance to sneak up and catch you unawares. Even the little panes of 'glass' in the wooden doors have little drifts of snow built up in their nooks and crannies.

Ferns are now Christmas trees, which is obviously brilliant. Flowers and pumpkins are also dusted with snow, as are melons and mushrooms and cacti. Saplings look particularly pretty with snow on them, and they'll actually grow into trees, which makes a change from what usually happens to saplings in a snowy biome.

WARNING: This is just a texture pack, it doesn't change the biomes themselves, so you have snow colored grass, not snow covered grass – the distinction is a subtle one, but fairly important, especially for those in the snowball manufacturing industry.

Though this pack is delightful in almost every way, there are a few problems, for one, the long grass is the same shade of white as the snowy grass below it, which makes it hard to see the grass for the grass sometimes and you can accidentally end up buildng on a foundation of wispy blades of grass – hardly ideal for even the laxest of architects.

This is a 16x default minecraft texture pack, so you can simply put the .zip file straight into your texture packs folder and start playing it. Highly reccomended for the minecraft holidays!

Download Minecraft Winter Christmas Texture Pack


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