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Minecraft mushroom biome seed list 1.5.2 - 1.6.4 (videos)

Updated on March 5, 2015

Look no further for the best Minecraft mushroom biome seeds of 1.5.2 and 1.6.4

Check out these awesome Minecraft mushroom cows inside a massive mushroom biome.
Check out these awesome Minecraft mushroom cows inside a massive mushroom biome.

Quick summary of the Minecraft mushroom biome seed page

Thanks for viewing my Minecraft mushroom biome list. This is a compilation of the best mushroom biome seeds you'll find anywhere, and they work for 1.5.2, 1.6.4, and a lot of older versions too.

So here's the format: there's a short description of the seed with the seed number, followed by a 1 - 5 minute run-through of the seed in video format. If you like my work, like my minecraft facebook page, where I have links to Minecraft village seeds, guides, tutorials, and lots of really epic Minecraft stuff. So please support my cause and give me a like if you would be so kind.

If you have anything to add, like more seeds, or anything for that matter, there is a comments section at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for the view, I hope you like it, there's a lot more from me than just Minecraft mushroom biome seeds, so follow me if you like it, thanks again everyone.

Minecraft 1.6.4 mushroom biome seed #1: 321539913

This is a really awesome mushroom biome seed. Hands down this is my favorite seed.

You spawn in a jungle on the border of a Mushroom biome with a river in between. There are little tiny chunks of mushroom biome in the jungle, but on the other side, the mushroom biome is enormous. On top of that it's also full of holes like Swiss cheese

In other words, there are several open dungeons all around this mushroom biome, and some of them even lead down to the bedrock. In the video I found 5 diamond blocks in just 5 minutes of searching, which just goes to show the potential of this super awesome Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed. Check it out!

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #1 - Big mushroom biome with enormous dungeon full of diamonds and obsidian

Minecraft 1.5.2 Mushroom Biome seed #2 1161061396

This mushroom biome is pretty cool, I really liked it. On top of having access to some other biomes (for wood), it also has a super epic dungeon in the side of a hill. For randomized seeds, it barely even looks randomized.

Approaching the dungeon, it feels like you're entering a hand programmed dungeon in the side of the one giant cliff in the mushroom biome. On top of that there are tons of mushroom cows and giant mushrooms everywhere, it's just a really well rounded Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed, so check it out, it's cool.

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #2 - Massive mushroom biome with epic dungeon

Minecraft 1.6.4 Mushroom Biome seed #3: -21937183521

This one's cool, funny, impractical, and just amazing. I really like this seed because it's just that, a long mushroom biome island. There are three little patches of grass island nearby, but other than that it's by itself. The problem with this is the lack of wood. Unless you can find a tree somewhere, you're doomed!

There's probably a tree somewhere offshore a little ways, but you'll have to check everywhere, I didn't stray far enough away from the island in all directions to find anything, but I'm sure there's something. Check it out for yourself, it's really cool.

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #3 - Lone mushroom island... I'm seeing a hilarious problem here

Minecraft 1.5.2 Mushroom Biome seed #4: 3509458710647062196

This is probably my second favorite honestly, it's a one tree island survival map with a few mushroom islands nearby for food. For once, an island survival seed that's not really a long, tedious survival.

There are mushroom cows here and there too, so you get the whole package. The one tree is a nice touch so you can make things. Other than that it's you, the water, and the constant mooing of the red diseased mushroom cows, enjoy.

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #4 - Island survival with plenty of mushroom islands nearby

Minecraft 1.6.4 Mushroom Biome seed #5: 2495809346533231327

This mushroom biome is really cool. It's basically an extreme hills gone mushroom. It's by far the hilliest mushroom biome on the list, and it's really awesome. There are other biomes nearby for wood, including a taiga and a plains.

There are a few dungeons here and there as well, so you pretty much have everything you need here, minus a village.

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #5 - Magic mushroom mountains, it's really hilly here

What do you think?

What seeds should I focus on for my next seed list?

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Minecraft 1.5.2 Mushroom Biome seed #6: 1067402744098825987

This mushroom biome is basically like the Galapagos islands. There are little mushroom islands everywhere, probably five to ten of them.

There's also a jungle biome nearby for wood, and it's just a fun place to run around, especially if you like islands. Overall this is a pretty good mushroom biome seed and I really like it, it's a great place to build an island fortress across multiple islands.

Also if you like to play on servers, this could be a great place to have an island building competition between your friends. You could even try shooting arrows at each other from across the islands, it sounds like a really fun time.

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #6 - Mushroom islands, plenty to go around

Minecraft 1.6.4 Mushroom island seed #7: 321539913

This mushroom biome seed is different than the rest. This one has a big island that's literally split down the middle between grass and mushroom biome.

I really like this seed because you get an awesome island with the best of both worlds, so you never run out of things to do. There are mushroom cows too, so don't worry, it has everything you need.

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #7 - Half mushroom half grass island

Minecraft 1.5.2 Mushroom Biome seed #8: 89415698615100

This mushroom biome is a strange one. There aren't very many of them, or maybe I just missed the major cluster. As far as I could tell, it's just a handful of tiny mushroom islands at the end of a jungle peninsula, which makes this a fun little place to have a miniature island adventure.

If you don't like the islands there's also plenty of massive jungle to explore, and much more. It's a unique Mushroom biome seed in my opinion, I like the peninsula idea.

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #8 - More mushroom islands with jungle nearby for wood

Minecraft 1.5.2 Mushroom island seed #9: 8328561403859191866

This one is a hilly strip of Mushroom biome that will keep you entertained for hours. It's the second most hilly mushroom biome in our list, and it's really cool. There are plenty of open dungeons here and there, and more mushroom cows than you can count.

If you want to get lost in a mushroom biome, then this is the seed for you, it's actually pretty massive.

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #9 - Hilly mushroom biome strip

Minecraft 1.6.4 Mushroom island seed #10: -168975672

The final mushroom biome on our list is odd to say the least. You spawn at the bottom of the ocean, desolate, with no hope of survival. If you swim 400ish blocks you can find a small grass island and a giant mushroom island. The down side is that even then, you have no hope of survival because of the lack of trees.

Have fun exploring this seed for yourself. If you can find some trees then this could make for a very unique Minecraft Mushroom Biome adventure for you and or your friends. I saved this one for last because honestly, it's the most impractical of all the seeds. If you love creative mode, then I saved the best for last, just because of the oddity of the whole thing.

Minecraft Mushroom Biome seed video #10 - Oceanic mushroom island, it's a long swim, good luck!

One last screenshot for the road

Thanks for checking out my page.
Thanks for checking out my page.

In summary

Mushroom Biomes are extremely fun, at least for a little while. I prefer my list of 10 Minecraft village seeds personally. Regardless, I know a lot of you out there really like your Mushroom biomes, which is why I spent hours building this list, just for people like you.

If you like or appreciate my work, I'd like you to know that I like and appreciate your support. If you want to support me further, or if you just want a feed of awesome Minecraft seeds and more to your facebook wall every day or two, then please, like me on facebook. The page is new, but it's where I'm posting all my updates whether people view them or not. So again, if you want more, please give me a like, you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for the view, and please comment at the bottom if you have anything to say, suggest, critique, etc.

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Want more seeds? Don't worry, there are plenty more to choose from. Here's a list of my other work. Check back often as I add more every day or two.

Have any favorites?

What was your favorite mushroom biome seed from the list above?

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