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Minecraft survival island seed list 1.8 - 1.8.1 (videos)

Updated on December 29, 2014

You just found the best Minecraft 1.8 Survival Island seed list!

Welcome, Here's a quick summary of the page

Below you can find all of the Minecraft survival island seeds with descriptions and videos. The descriptions and seed numbers are above their respective videos.

Everyone's tastes are different, so the list may not be in best to worst order, so be sure to check them all out and make sure you actually want them or not. Survival island seeds are much more rare than they used to be, so I don't have a whole lot of them. If you want any other types of Minecraft seeds for 1.8, then be sure to check out the links to my other Minecraft pieces around the bottom of the page.

Minecraft island seed #1: -4843434297086207654

This neat Minecraft 1.8 survival island seed has eleven diamonds!!! Other than that it's a generic survival island with limit trees, which I assume is what everyone should have been looking for in the first place. I feel like this island seed is neat without the diamonds, they're just the icing on the cake.

The spot where you dig down to find the diamonds can be different sometimes, so be careful, please. The coordinates are roughly X184, Z125 if you don't watch videos.

Minecraft survival island seed #1 - Eleven diamond fissure seed

Minecraft island seed #2: -2129790012

What do I say about this one other than... BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, this is the legendary bunny island as told for generations!

Okay seriously this is bunny island and if you dig down on the corner you find some lava under the ground. There are island nearby if you need trees or feel like island... hopping. hehehe

Minecraft survival island seed #2 - Bunny Island!

Minecraft island seed #3: 2087326910

This Minecraft 1.8 survival island seed has two monster spawners:

The first spawner can be found at: x-695, y44, z-81
The second spawner can be found at: x-704, y47, z-41

Other than that it's got too many trees to be a challenge, which is what a lot of people want, so have fun!

Minecraft survival island seed #3 - Zombie and Spider spawners

Minecraft island seed #4: -1528780627775063215

Well I don't really know what else to say about this one other than it's a fissure inside of a fissure in the island. The island is split in half from the fissure and makes it look kinda like, well.

There are plenty of resources down there for you to collect, it's really fun to explore too. This island has endless things to do, but no trees.

Minecraft survival island seed #4 - Fissure inside of a fissure

Minecraft island seed #5: 1868910646

This one's really neat! On this Minecraft survival island you can just relax and survive. It's easy to stay alive on this one.

There are abundant trees, chickens, sheep, and a dungeon underneath the island if you can find it! This Minecraft 1.8 survival island seed is hands down the easiest survival island seed on this list.

Minecraft survival island seed #5 - Big chicken island

Minecraft island seed #6: 1803767396792246873

There are diamonds around x159 y10 z86 on this Minecraft survival Island seed 1.8.

Other than that, this is just a generic, perfect, normal survival island seed for you to try on 1.8. I myself always love the difficult survival island seeds like this one.

Minecraft survival island seed #6 - Four diamond island

Minecraft island seed #7: -354389867817945876

This Minecraft 1.8 island seed is definitely unique. You spawn near an island which has two ocean monuments / water temples within view. There are also sheep on the island and plenty of trees to survive with.

There are 8 gold blocks in each temple, so good luck getting them.

Minecraft survival island seed #7 - Double ocean monument island

Minecraft island seed #8: 1799896245

Generic, underground lava pit, plenty of trees are ways that I would describe this Minecraft survival island seed for 1.8.

There's not much to say about this one, if you find anything more interesting around or near this island be sure to comment and tell all about it!

Minecraft survival island seed #8 - An actual survival island seed with trees

Minecraft island seed #9: 92584369

This island seed is epic! It's generic with three trees and plenty of dirt, but there are six diamonds! For the diamonds Dig down around: X-245 z70.

The other cool thing about this epic Minecraft island seed is that there's the start to a giant natural port on an island nearby. You'll see in the video what I mean, and it's pretty darn awesome.

Minecraft suvival island seed #9 - Six diamond island with a natural port

Minecraft island seed #10: 93819220

This Minecraft island seed is really unique in that it's simply: Super Wolf Island!!!

You spawn on an island with a hungry pack of wolves staring you down. Who will survive the wolves or you?!?!

Will Steve or whoever be able to conquer these hostile lands? Or will blocks get eaten in this amazing survival island seed? Tune in and find out for yourself!

Minecraft survival island seed #10 - Super wolf island! (limited dirt)

This isn't the end, read below!

There are plenty of other seed pages I've made, check them out below!
There are plenty of other seed pages I've made, check them out below!

Thanks for reading, check out my other works

It takes a long time for me to make these, which is why you should bookmark and check out my other lists, they're pretty darn awesome too.

I upload all these videos to YouTube myself. If you want to follow me there just go to or follow me on Facebook with this hyperlink.

If you want to see more stuff follow me on either of those, or bookmark this page and keep checking my resources below. I'll be adding more lists and more links for you to check out, so come back sometime!

Some of my other Minecraft pieces

Currently I have four other lists for Minecraft 1.8, and three more lists from Minecraft 1.7.10. The Minecraft 1.7 seeds usually work on Minecraft 1.8, so feel free to give them a try too!

There's plenty to browse through, please consider bookmarking this page and coming back for more seeds. These lists update as I add more, so there may be something cool when you check back!

Next up we have more villages, survival islands, and mesa biomes to check out, but these are all for Minecraft 1.7.10.


What do you think?

Which of the ten survival island seeds was your favorite?

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    • profile image

      Banana Man 

      4 years ago

      i loved number 4


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