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Minecraft vs terraria

Updated on February 1, 2012


After mining for hours and hours to get that diamond I heard everyone talking about I was fizzled, I didn’t see what everyone saw was so cool about minecraft, but when they came out with creative mode I figured it out, the fun was in building! And it wasn’t in digging, or at least that’s how I saw it. Well I can say minecraft doesn’t have much to offer accept building, which honestly when you don’t have big epic dreams of a star destroyer flying above your world you don’t have much to build… I played minecraft for many many hours and tried and tried to find what people saw in it but I couldn’t see it, and than one day it hit me, it wasn’t building it was building with other people! I was sure that had to be it, but sadly not knowing anyone with the game I couldn’t test my theory, and my enthusiasm for minecraft died a final time.



When I first started my world in Terraria I was a tad perplexed, what was… this guy doing here, minecraft didn’t have people! I talked to him and learned a few things but after a scant moment I was on my way chopping trees and killing slimes, and I felt it, what everyone had said in minecraft that wonder and amazement, and best of all I didn’t drop everything when I died! No matter how many times I died as I dug deeper my enthusiasm couldn’t be squelched, I loved every minute of it. Than I heard rumors about a dungeon and decided to venture that way, as I went on my long journey, long as it was because I chose the largest world, I fought through slimes, zombies, and floating eyes, but when I finally made it those sparkling blue bricks looked amazing, sadly my first encounter with skele<<< ummm whats his face (-_-) did not go well I was batted around by long skeletal hands until the moment my head popped off and went rolling down a hole. But still I went on excited, I dug even deeper and got more gear, deeper and deeper so deep in fact I hit the underworld! I know it seems like a bad idea to go there before the dungeon but that’s where I was and so I killed and fought my way to the nearest chest, in it I found Sun fury! After I finally died in lava I returned to the dungeon and bashed skele--uhh that dude, face in. after that I retired from the game for a time, and have only just returned with the latest patch, I beat the wall of flesh quickly, but a unicorn still manages to skewer me.


My conclusion is that Terraria is a far better game even if its only in 2d, minecraft might be a bit more fun with more people, but I havent had the pleasure of experiancing that, plus Terraria has multiplayer to! And with the way they seem to be going it wont be long before it’s a full RPG, with all the elements of races and classes, which will be amazing!


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    • d-b-ggaming profile image

      David 3 years ago from The land of the living

      Hey, i dont know if you know it, i just found out about a week ago, they are updating terraria again!

    • d-b-ggaming profile image

      David 5 years ago from The land of the living

      definatly played it 50+ hours and i miss it D=

    • sm825 profile image

      sm825 5 years ago from The Uknown

      Yeah, I wish they would have continued making Terraria even if they had to sell it in DLC parts. That game was very fun to play with other people, and maybe some day we will see an expansion DLC to Terraria.


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