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Minecraft Monster Traps

Updated on July 24, 2015


Here is a brief introduction to Minecraft:

Minecraft was released on May 17, 2009 by Markus "Notch" Persson, and his company, Mojang. It is a sandbox game, meaning you can explore and go around doing whatever pleases you. Monsters come out at night, so you must build some sort of shelter to protect you. Building things is also a very big part of the game, and the possibilities of things to build are endless.

As of now, the game has sold over 16,000,000 copies. The game has technically been fully released, and is in version 1.7.10. Here is a brief introduction to all of the Minecraft monsters:

A Creeper



In the game of Minecraft, monsters called "Creepers" roam the world, spawning during night or in dark places. Unlike other monsters, they don't burn in the day, so you must always be on your guard.

When a creeper comes within 1 block of you, it will explode in about a 3-4 block radius, destroying all blocks except obsidian and bedrock.

Creepers are the most popular Minecraft moster, mostly for their ability to destroy the player and things built by the player. The following phrase became very popular for representing a creeper:

"That'sssssss a very nice ____________ you have there. It'd be a ssssssssshame if sssssssomething were to happen to it..."

The phrase became popular from the creeper's hissing noise made when it's near a player and about to explode.


Zombies were one of the first Minecraft monsters, and are easy to kill. The zombie is the easiest monster to kill, because you move faster than it, it doesn't shoot anything, and it can't teleport. It also burns in the day, so if push comes to shove, you can just wait for day or lead it to daylight.


For me, skeletons are fun to kill, because they can actually be a challenge for several reasons. First, they shoot arrows at you while you try to attack them, and it's very hard to kill one with a sword and not get hurt. Second, they sort of dance around you because they come at you walking to your left while coming forward. Skeletons drop arrows and bone, which are both very useful, and make killing skeletons worth your while.


The Enderman mob was recently added, and has been very popular since it's release. It can pick up blocks and will remain passive until you look at it. Also, it can teleport toward you if it's far away from you, and once you get close to it, it can teleport around you, making it hard to kill. If it does this, jump in water, because the Enderman gets hurt when in water.

The Door Trap, with nothing in it.
The Door Trap, with nothing in it. | Source
A creeper trapped in a door trap
A creeper trapped in a door trap | Source

The Door Trap

This trap has become very popular, because it's very easy to build, and yet still very effective.


To build the door trap, simply place any block 3 blocks above the ground, a pressure plate on the ground underneath it, then four doors surrounding it. Also, the resources required for this trap are very easy to acquire, because you only need wood.

The Trapping

For this trap, you must lead the creeper to the trap, otherwise there is only a very, very slim chance one will walk in. Simply find a creeper, and run to the opposite side of the trap the creeper is on. The creeper will step on the pressure plate, closing all the doors and trapping it. Once the creeper is trapped, you can walk right up to one of the doors, because the creeper cannot technically see you through the holes in the door, therefore it will not explode.

Killing the Monster

To kill the monster with this trap, you must use a bow and shoot at the monster twice through a hole in one of the doors with a bow and arrow. You used to be able to use a sword and swing through the holes in the door, but that will just open the door. If you do accidentally open the door while a creeper is trapped, quickly close the door and back up fast, so the creeper doesn't blow up the trap or you.

The Initial Hole (1)

The hole you dig to start, with glass already placed.
The hole you dig to start, with glass already placed. | Source


The hole dug out, with water in the hole already.
The hole dug out, with water in the hole already. | Source


The Basic Water Trap

This trap is one of the most simple to build, besides the door trap. It mostly just involves digging a pit, and no crafting is totally necessary.


Dig a hole 4x4. Place glass, or another block, lining two sides, as depicted to the right in picture 1. Then, dig down any number of blocks in the 2x4 area in the center of the hole. I dug down 6 blocks further than what was already dug, for a total of 7 blocks deep. Once you have the hole dug out, dig out a room at the bottom where the water will come out, shown in picture 3. I dug out around the water, and used glass for the walls for presentations sake. You don't have to dig out around the falling water unless you want to walk around it. However, if you do, make sure to build walls all around the water so creepers can't blow up if you're too close, and so monsters can't escape. Dig a small area for the water to flow out in the room you dug. For the water flowing out with the items from the killed mobs, make sure to dig down for the collection area right under the wall, not in the drowning area, or else the mobs can escape.

The Trapping

To trap the monster, you must get close enough to it so it follows you, then lead it into the trap by going on the other side of the trap than the monster. It will chase you, and fall right into the trap. For skeletons, however, it is a bit trickier, because they don't come after you in a straight line. They come at you straight and to the left of you. If you try to trap them, you will probably get shot a few times.

Killing the Monster

Naturally, monster will simply drown once it's trapped. It may jump up and down a few times, so be careful with creepers not to stand right on the edge, or it may blow up.


The first hole, with the edge blocks at the end dug out.
The first hole, with the edge blocks at the end dug out. | Source


The second step, digging out another layer.
The second step, digging out another layer. | Source


The killing tunnel, dug out.
The killing tunnel, dug out. | Source


The loot hole, with ladders placed.
The loot hole, with ladders placed. | Source


Placing the lava.
Placing the lava. | Source
A creeper trapped in the trap.
A creeper trapped in the trap. | Source

Water and Lava Trap - Basic

This trap is also fairly simple, compared to some other traps, but is still a bit complicated, considering that you must use lava, ladders, and the gathering area is a bit more complicated. However, this trap is still highly effective and very useful.


Start this trap off by digging a hole three blocks down, five blocks wide, and eight blocks long. Refer to picture 4 for extra help. At the end where the monsters will be dying, dig the edge blocks out, as shown in picture 4. Next, dig out one more layer on the side with the two holes dug out, do the whole thing is 9 blocks long. For this, dig it 4 blocks down, instead of 3. This area is where the monster will be pushed into the lava, killing them. You have to have the two holes dug out on the corners to make the water flow correct. Refer to picture 5 for assistance. Now you need to dig a tunnel where the lava will glow from, and where the monster's will die and drop their loot. Dig this tunnel 7 blocks long, and 4 blocks deep. However, for the last 3 blocks that you dig, only dig 2 blocks down. Picture 6 at the right can provide help if you're lost. Next, right before the rise to 2 blocks deep in the tunnel, dig a hole down. This hole can be however deep you want it, because this is just where the loot will be dropped. On the blocks where the elevation changes in the tunnel, place three ladders, shown in picture 7. Go down to the bottom of your pit, and dig a tunnel going to where ever you like. Keep in mind that water will only flow 8 blocks, so every 7 blocks you have to dig down one more layer. You could have the tunnel go into your house, or anywhere you like. At the end where the items fall down, place a bucket of water. The water will flow down your tunnel, going to where ever you put your collection area. Now go back to the trap itself. Place water on the edge of the trap where the monsters will be pushed in, the opposite side of the tunnel you dug. Dig out stairs at the back of the trap so you can get out if you fall in. Last but not least, you need to place the lava. Go into the little tunnel at the back of your trap and go up the ladders so you are on the edge of it. Hurry and place the lava at the back, then jump back down to the water so you don't burn.

The Trapping

Trapping the monster with this trap is the same as with the basic water trap, but with this trap it is easier because the trap is larger. Just get the monster to follow you, then run on the opposite side of the trap as the monster.

Killing the Monster

Killing the monster with this trap can be a tad difficult, because if you stand on the opposite side of the trap as the lava, the monster will try to swim to catch you, and get stuck in place from the water currents. To solve this, just run and stand on top of where the lava would be, so the monster tries to follow you. It will climb up the ladders, and burn in the lava.


Thank you for reading my Minecraft monster traps hub. I hope you enjoyed it, and will use these fabulous traps to obtain endless arrows and bones for as long as you're crafting.


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      6 years ago

      Wonderful Traps!

      Now I can keep those darn creepers away from my house!!


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