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Minecraft the Ultimate Pc Game Learn How to Survive From the Very Start in Survival Mode

Updated on September 19, 2019
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John D. Williams enjoys handicrafts, including making canes and walking sticks and playing "Minecraft."

Survival in Minecraft depends on learning several important aspects of this amazing game

Minecrafting to freedom from the monsters as well as starvation will ensure your in-game chances are greatly increased beyond all probability. Learn the basics so you get off to a flying start, you'll need to learn a few tips first before hand though!

Learning how to survive in Minecraft largely depends on if you’re paying Single player or Multiplayer. Although the Minecraft strategies work well in either version, multiplayer requires a little more work to survive in Minecraft.

As the day turns into night you’ll need to have crafted some basic items to survive against the zombies/spiders/skeletons that come out at night to hunt. As soon as possible begin punching wood to collect as much as possible (around 20-30 blocks will allow you to Minecraft the necessary for survival. Turn these blocks into planks, and craft a Minecraft crafting table.

Can you survive by Minecrafting your way to Victory!

Use the Minecraft Crafting table to quickly build a wooden pick.

Once you have the most basic type of pick you can begin to mine a first night shelter. If you’re lucky you’ll find some coal too. This is ideal for crafting torches. These really make your first night in you dig-out far superior. Once you’ve built a basic dig-out, you can block the entrance up and wait until dawn.

The next day you’ll want to collect wood/stone and start crafting stone tools. You can either upgrade your home or set off into the wilderness of Minecraft to explore in greater detail. Remember though that Minecraft is big and if you die you'll need to return to your death point to reclaim your items. It is worthwhile trying to create a map or at least take expendable items whilst exploring the minecraft world

What ever Minecraft server your on one of the most important things to do is use the Set Home command. Once you’ve crafted a rudimentary home simply bring up the talk screen by hitting the T key and type /sethome as you stand just outside your front door. This has the distinct advantage in that if you die you’ll return to the spawn point. You can then teleport home by typing T /home. You’re now transported to your home and can start again or try to locate your dropped items.

Yes that’s right, if you die in Minecraft you’ll drop all your items and worse of all, you’ll only have 5 minutes to locate the dropped crafted items before they’re lost forever. This raises an interesting point when exploring. If you find a good cave system you’ll need to take some extra precautions to ensure you stay alive and survive in Minecraft.

How to Craft items in Minecraft

Survival in Minecraft is all about preparation

Before exploring you’ll need some extra items:

  • Torches – plenty of Minecraft torches – 128 or more if possible
  • Food – Bring plenty of food, the cooked type heals more health so take those raw chicken breasts and raw beef and cook them in a crafted furnace.
  • A compass
  • Armour
  • Picks
  • Wood!
  • A Map if possible (craft this from Sugar cane)

The best way to use torches is to illuminate your Minecraft cave area. Stake out crafted torches in the dark depths to help you find your way back out and if you die you’ll need a quick route back to your dropped items.

In Minecraft you can craft chests while most Multiplayer servers allow the chests to be sealed so only you can open it. When you have a chance as your exploring craft a few chests and keep your most treasured items in. This will help you prevent losing your best items.

Minecraft is certainly a Big Game!

Learning How to Avoid Minecraft Griefing

On busy Minecraft servers you’ll find lots of people playing, therefore your chances of getting attacked for your items/diamonds/gold etc is extremely high. One of the best ways to avoid griefing is to get as far away from the initial spawn site as quickly as possible. You’ll ideally want to spend an hour’s game time in getting to a remote location. Don’t worry about mining just yet, just get your pick and dig a small cave to hide in as each night comes then move on.

The ideal location in Minecraft – Where to build your House

The ideal spot for your Minecraft house would have many features such as:

  • Good supply of meat/food
  • Open cave system for exploring (These make it easier to find gold/diamonds/iron/coal.
  • Plenty of wood – although you can plant your own forest by planting saplings.

Having these areas of interest in Minecraft present you drastically increase your ability to not only survive but also to craft the tools/items you require developing your game experience.

Basic Minecrafting Skills!

Minecraft Farming for Food including Bread/Pumpkins/Water Melons

Minecrafting your own food in Minecraft helps ensure you have a ready supply of food at hand to use when mining or exploring. Building a perpetual water supply with 2 buckets of water allows you to create a Minecraft irrigation system worthy of all great builders.

Collect seeds by using a crafted stone hoe and chopping long grass until you have the required seeds. Plant these in dirt with a stream of water running down the side. Over time the crop will mature and grow and you’ll have plenty of Minecraft resource to enable you to craft food such as bread. You’ll also be able to plenty Melons and Pumpkins too if you can find natural occurring fruits and vegetables in Minecraft.

Minecraft features a whole host of various skins

Can you name all the Minecraft skins?
Can you name all the Minecraft skins?

Underground Bases and a Minecraft Sugar Cane factory

One of the beauties about sugar cane is that it can be grown underground. Ideal if you want your Minecraft base/house to remain free from prying eyes/griefers. Sugar cane in Minecraft needs a good water supply and light, in the shape of torches. In Minecraft dirt’s your friend and Sugar cane needs a dirt block to grow properly. Once you have your underground irrigation system set up in Minecraft you can harvest new growth and either plant it in empty dirt blocks or craft it into either sugar or paper. Paper’s ideal for making maps and books (for enchanting power).

Hopefully these tips will prove essential to helping you survive in Minecraft. Learning the skills to survive involves Minecrafting your way to in-game success.

Dig deep in Minecraft and Dig far. Just remember these basics and you be well on your way to the higher echelons of Minecraft gaming legends.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 johndwilliams


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