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Mini Monster Trucks - Hot Toys for Boys Who Love Wheels

Updated on May 30, 2015
Radio control * Big off road tires * 5 wheel suspension * Steering alignment
Radio control * Big off road tires * 5 wheel suspension * Steering alignment | Source

Toys for boys: What boys really love: trucks! Check out these cool mini-monster trucks!

My son is an adult now, but I recall the days when no Christmas was complete without a remote control toy. Toy mini monster trucks - remote control or not - are bound to be powerfully popular with any young truck collector.

The options these days are numerous. Hot Wheels has a huge line of mini monster truck toys including a Monster Jam World Finals Action Set, a Monster Jam Truck Case to carry the mini monster trucks in, display case, and lots of mini monster truck action sets!

There's a mini monster truck ride-on toy for preschool aged boys (or girls, why not?) and the Bigfoot monster truck with lots of audible bells and whistles.

Still, remote control trucks are stupendous for getting a boy's attention on Christmas morning, know what I mean? My son was avid about them. Don't forget the batteries!

Mini ride-on-or-in motorized trucks

This year jeeps are popular along with Power Wheels trucks by Fisher Price - to give very young children the thrill and excitement of driving their own little vehicle around the yard. There is one truck - the Ford F-150 in silver or blue or black.

Little ones are thrilled to get these powerful tiny vehicles, as you can imagine. Battery and recharger are essential.

The Ford F-150 Power Wheels truck drives at a cool 2.5 miles per hour and includes storage in the back. Of course children must be trained to know these are strictly for off road driving!

The Craftsman model is slightly more powerful, charging ahead at 3.5 miles per hour, offering forward or reverse. It has big rugged tires and includes a six-volt battery with charger.


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    • profile image

      Johnnydowney 7 years ago

      Kids these days have so much choices!

      Really cool toys.